Friday, May 28, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter...

I remember a few years ago, when Zodiak and Dream both gave me triplets.
This year it's Alice and Destiny!

Destiny is the lovely, 3 year old, daughter of Alice.  She surpised me yesterday with triplets when I went out to the barn in the morning.  Actually, it appears that she had the babies in the barn (that's where the placentas were) but all three were outside with their Mom when I went out for my morning visit

Just like her Mama
Destiny didn't need any help from me.

A quick check shows me two black boys with a splash of white on their heads (indicating they carry spotting)

And the sweetest, TINIEST, little dark moorit girl

Mother and lambs are doing GREAT and I hope to let them back outside for a while today.  I'll move the other "ladies in waiting" over to the side pasture so that Destiny and her trips can have the front hill to themselves.  Maybe I'll let Alice and her babies in with them.  That should make for some good photo ops!

DREAM says...

"Just think, I've got over a month to go..."

Oh, good Lord!


  1. Lovely trips. And if Dream has a month to go, it looks like she could add another set to your place!

  2. Gorgeous lambs! I think Dream needs to put her feet up and let you rub them - don't you agree?

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. Your babies are so beautiful this year, am so enjoying the pictures and wishing I was close enough to pat and cuddle, this is the first time in over twenty years I do not have goat babies and am in withdrawal......

  4. Anonymous12:41 PM

    OHHHHHH!!!!! So adorable! I want to come see them! Why oh why did I agree to let Michael have a 3-day sleep over at our house this weekend?? :(

    That little girl is precious! So sweet and dainty girly-girl looking!

    Hugs to all, yes, even you Dreamer. (Can sheep have quadruplets? Not saying you're big Dreamer, but....)

    Katie in WI

  5. I second Cynthia's comment!

  6. Way to go Destiny! I too think Dreamer looks a bit larger than the average pregnant ewe...

  7. Congrats to the new momma and babes! Hang in there Dreamer . . .

  8. I have to admit, I'm thinking triplets for Dream as well. Although, I must say that all the girls are packing a little extra weight this year. I think it's because the grass came up early so green and lush. Not much I can do to restrict their eating when they are strictly on pasture...

  9. Melanie7:13 PM

    Adorable! How many lambs does that make for this year?

  10. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Nancy, Destiny triplets are lovely. Thanks for reminding me she's Alice's daughter, too. I was feeling a little sad about Alice not having any more lambs after this year. Wow are Alice's triplets cute, too! Thanks for having me out this afternoon--it was a lovely visit even if my Godiva was shy...


  11. I think it would be great to see Destiny and Alice paying with their broods together!

  12. Hee, everyone looks so Nekkid!!

    Beautiful babies, Destiny should be proud. Can't wait to see a little Dreamster playing with her/his older cousins, though!

  13. Dear little lambs and what a proud mum. Can't wait to see what Dream comes up with!



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