Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Rain?

I swear, it has rained ~ and been cloudy and cold and windy ~ for a month! 
OK, that may be a slight  exaggeration.
The lambs manage to pretty much ignore the rainfall  (when it is light) and are frolicking and driving their mothers crazy in the lush, green grass.

Except Chrome and Shine ~ Dilemma's twins:

Emma brought them outside for the first time yesterday.

She kept them very close and stayed near the barn.

I always like to see the lambs outside, as opposed to in a small pen!

The boys didn't get to stay out too long because Chance was in the neighboring paddock and having an ABSOLUTE FIT!  She was apparently quite sure that those were her babies. 

No, Chance;  here's your babies...

They are growing by leaps and bounds and come running up to me for snuggles when I go out to sit with the sheep.

There's nothing like the antics of young lambs to brighten even a rainy day!

Tommorow (or maybe even later today!) Alice and Dazzle's babies updates!

DREAM says...

"Anybody home?"
"What's a girl got to do to get a little attention around here?"

Now Dreamer, you know I come sit with you almost every day and snuggle you and listen to your troubles with all those other pushy girls.   Your day will come, soon enough, my Dear. 
Soon enough.

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