Monday, August 30, 2010

Smudge's turn...

I posted photos of Zaria's mioget, ewe lamb, "Snip"  having her first halter lesson the other day.  Today I'll feature Snip's sister, "Smudge":

Smudge proved to be every bit as 'atheletic' as her sister when I held the lead rope.

Look at all the pretty white UNDER Smudge's muzzle, jaw and neck!
I also suspect that, like her dam, Smudge will be Shaela.

Life is rough when you're a lamb!

A little moral support:

Sweet Sara thinks she might just be missing out on something.

Zaria moves in to comfort her distraught daughter:

Poor baby!

I got a kick out of this though...

See the 'cookie'?

Chomp, chomp, chomp. 
No more cookie!
I guess she's not THAT  truamatized!

Then again...

Since Smudge was either airborn or sprawled on her side, I decided to end the halter lesson for the day.  I did, however, leave the halter on her for a while.
Smudge, rushed off to the the comfort and security of her mom and sister.

Maybe she'll get a little more used to the feeling of the halter and be a LITTLE more cooperative next time?

Before Smudge gets her next lesson, there's one more lamb that I need to get started.  DAISY will be leaving with Smudge and Snip, next week...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

A right of passage...

It occurred to me, the other day, that many of my lambs will be leaving for their new homes soon and I haven't even begun halter lessons!   With a three day reprieve from the heat and humidity, there's no more time for excuses.

Zaria's lovely daughter, "Snip" volunteered to go first:

Perhaps "volunteered" isn't the right word?

I don't understand why they always get so upset!

Snip appears to be ambidextrous!
She can throw herself to the ground on either side!

Perhaps if she hides her face, I'll go away?!

I recognize that reaction ~ I do it all the  time!

DREAM to the rescue!

Maybe if I bite this rope...

Stay here, while I go talk to Mom...

Poor Snip!

"I'm thinkin' that you best untie this lamb!"

And don't make me have to tell you TWICE!

Yes, Dreamer!

The halter is off.  Time for a little neck scritchin'...


Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's going to be a Short day...

I stayed up until after four o'clock in the morning last night/this morning.  Needless to say, I just got up about an hour ago!  Oh my!  The day's half over...

I had a wonderful time cruising on a pontoon boat with my obnoxious son, Ben and some of his friends, yesterday afternoon.  It was a perfect day!  Why do I call my precious son "obnoxious"?  Here is his idea of posing for pictures:

Smile, Ben!
(click to biggify)

Smile nicely.

Ben, you are not a chlld.  You are a thirty-something year old MAN!
Now, SMILE for your mother!

Some people's kids...

We had a blast fishing off the pontoon boat.  I caught the first fish.  In fact I caught at least eight fish and only one other person even caught one! 
Of course, we were joking that the little bluegill that I caught and released just kept swimming around the boat and taking my hook again.  Everything that I causht was tiny!   It was great fun though. 

Ben has so many wonderful friends! 

What a great day.

I got home to find my sheep waiting by the gate to go back into their main pasture.
I had left them in the side pasture for the day.

Sable wanted her friends back 'where they belong'.

All in all, a wonderful day!
I took over three-hundred pictures of my chickens when I got home! 
I stayed up until after four o'clock this morning, downloading and editing photos.
Now I can update my chicken blog with new pictures of my Calico Cochins.

DREAM says...

"Did you hear that??? 
That is just plain sick..."

biggify that picture to see Dream's expression.


P.S.  Ben is going to KILL me!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two in one day...

Ah-HA!  I did it!  Two blog posts
  (on two different blogs) in one day. 
I did my chicken blog first and now, here we go with the SHEEP...

But, I want MUSIC!  I want the song "Baby face" playing in the background as you look over the updated lamb photos of some of this year's babies.
I know there's a way to play music on the blog but I don't have time to experiment now, I'm going fishing with my son in a couple of hours!
So, I'm afraid we'll have to make due with "just" the babies...

Godiva's boys
(for sale)


Daisy's twin sister, "Clover"
(for sale)

I really  like this ram lamb!
"Polar Bear"
(for sale ~ or I'll keep him myself!)

One of Destiny's triplets
"Kiss"  (for sale)

Alice's beautiful "Duchess"  (sold)

Handsome "Chrome"
(for sale)

Alice's 'teddybear' "Duke"

And who can forget:
"Sizzle"   (sold)

Then, of course, there's
Zaria's twins:
"Snip" (sold)

and "Smudge" (sold)

Beautiful "Sara" is also sold

I still have both of Zest's moorit ram lambs available.
No picture today as they were running around being boys!
Rain's tail is too long so he will be wethered and sold as a pet ($100.00) but Storm is looking reall good so he's for sale (or I'll keep him).  I like him a lot as well.

I think that updates pretty much everyone.

I'm starting halter lessons this weekend!
Wish me luck...

DREAM says...

"If you need any help with those halter lessons, Mom,
I'm your girl!  We'll get those little brats darlings trained in no time!"


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