Saturday, August 28, 2010

A right of passage...

It occurred to me, the other day, that many of my lambs will be leaving for their new homes soon and I haven't even begun halter lessons!   With a three day reprieve from the heat and humidity, there's no more time for excuses.

Zaria's lovely daughter, "Snip" volunteered to go first:

Perhaps "volunteered" isn't the right word?

I don't understand why they always get so upset!

Snip appears to be ambidextrous!
She can throw herself to the ground on either side!

Perhaps if she hides her face, I'll go away?!

I recognize that reaction ~ I do it all the  time!

DREAM to the rescue!

Maybe if I bite this rope...

Stay here, while I go talk to Mom...

Poor Snip!

"I'm thinkin' that you best untie this lamb!"

And don't make me have to tell you TWICE!

Yes, Dreamer!

The halter is off.  Time for a little neck scritchin'...



  1. Ya gotta love 'em! I remember the first time I put a halter on Ahma. Oh, my, it still brings tears to my eyes....sooooo funny.

  2. Oh dear...hee hee. We goats don't like halters but we don't throw ourselves on the ground.... that's a little funny! So dramatic! Tee hee. As always...very beautiful sheep! Hellooooo DREAM!!!

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Our computer is fixed and I'm back! Wow, lots of lambs sold while I was Jazz Shaela? He looks lighter than Razz...

    Good to be back!


  4. I'm still giggling from yesterday when I first read this post - but didn't take time to comment. The idea of a sheep doing the limp "go ahead and arrest me" bit is hilarious! Reminds me of the first time I put a halter and leash on one of my cats years ago - he did the same thing! On the other hand, My dear Calico friend fights having it put on her, but once it's on she walks around with it unconcerned.

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. And I forgot to mention that I love that you quote Kristofferson's lyrics.....



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