Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two in one day...

Ah-HA!  I did it!  Two blog posts
  (on two different blogs) in one day. 
I did my chicken blog first and now, here we go with the SHEEP...

But, I want MUSIC!  I want the song "Baby face" playing in the background as you look over the updated lamb photos of some of this year's babies.
I know there's a way to play music on the blog but I don't have time to experiment now, I'm going fishing with my son in a couple of hours!
So, I'm afraid we'll have to make due with "just" the babies...

Godiva's boys
(for sale)


Daisy's twin sister, "Clover"
(for sale)

I really  like this ram lamb!
"Polar Bear"
(for sale ~ or I'll keep him myself!)

One of Destiny's triplets
"Kiss"  (for sale)

Alice's beautiful "Duchess"  (sold)

Handsome "Chrome"
(for sale)

Alice's 'teddybear' "Duke"

And who can forget:
"Sizzle"   (sold)

Then, of course, there's
Zaria's twins:
"Snip" (sold)

and "Smudge" (sold)

Beautiful "Sara" is also sold

I still have both of Zest's moorit ram lambs available.
No picture today as they were running around being boys!
Rain's tail is too long so he will be wethered and sold as a pet ($100.00) but Storm is looking reall good so he's for sale (or I'll keep him).  I like him a lot as well.

I think that updates pretty much everyone.

I'm starting halter lessons this weekend!
Wish me luck...

DREAM says...

"If you need any help with those halter lessons, Mom,
I'm your girl!  We'll get those little brats darlings trained in no time!"


  1. Wow! Look at all the bielsets this year Nancy! Hope to see you at Jefferson!

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Not my Dutchess!!! (Not that I can keep a sheep here, but still!) Honestly, I am very glad for you that they are selling well, and that many people are getting such WONDERFUL sheep! I'll just be sad to see Dutchess and Sara go.



  3. I WILL see you at Jefferson, Rayna! I'm looking forward to it. Will your Mom be coming again as well?

    Oh, Katie! I'm sorry. I forgot that you love Duchess! Maybe you can transfer that love over to Princess (Duchess' sister, that I'm keeping) We've GOT to get you your own place out in the country! ;-)

  4. Wow! They're all growing up beautifully! I agree with you that Polar Bear is gorgeous, but Chrome has such nice long horns already, i bet he's going to be super impressive in a few years. And goodness, Alice's babies sure don't last long on the market do they?!



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