Monday, August 30, 2010

Smudge's turn...

I posted photos of Zaria's mioget, ewe lamb, "Snip"  having her first halter lesson the other day.  Today I'll feature Snip's sister, "Smudge":

Smudge proved to be every bit as 'atheletic' as her sister when I held the lead rope.

Look at all the pretty white UNDER Smudge's muzzle, jaw and neck!
I also suspect that, like her dam, Smudge will be Shaela.

Life is rough when you're a lamb!

A little moral support:

Sweet Sara thinks she might just be missing out on something.

Zaria moves in to comfort her distraught daughter:

Poor baby!

I got a kick out of this though...

See the 'cookie'?

Chomp, chomp, chomp. 
No more cookie!
I guess she's not THAT  truamatized!

Then again...

Since Smudge was either airborn or sprawled on her side, I decided to end the halter lesson for the day.  I did, however, leave the halter on her for a while.
Smudge, rushed off to the the comfort and security of her mom and sister.

Maybe she'll get a little more used to the feeling of the halter and be a LITTLE more cooperative next time?

Before Smudge gets her next lesson, there's one more lamb that I need to get started.  DAISY will be leaving with Smudge and Snip, next week...



  1. Anonymous1:03 PM


  2. Such drama! I never knew sheep were such actors? Hee hee hee.

  3. I love a good drama queen! Its so amusing esp. when its not me doing the acting:)

  4. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Your lambs are quite the jokers :-) Please do share Daisy's experience with us!

  5. Oh, that is just too funny. Ewe lambs always seem to be the most offended. Love the cookie offering. Classic!

  6. Oh, I wish I had that lovely green carpet for my halter-training lambs to flop in! Everything here is dry (and dirty) - even the lawn; you can imagine the fleeces!

  7. Kelly N11:54 AM

    Did Dream ever have lambs?



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