Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's going to be a Short day...

I stayed up until after four o'clock in the morning last night/this morning.  Needless to say, I just got up about an hour ago!  Oh my!  The day's half over...

I had a wonderful time cruising on a pontoon boat with my obnoxious son, Ben and some of his friends, yesterday afternoon.  It was a perfect day!  Why do I call my precious son "obnoxious"?  Here is his idea of posing for pictures:

Smile, Ben!
(click to biggify)

Smile nicely.

Ben, you are not a chlld.  You are a thirty-something year old MAN!
Now, SMILE for your mother!

Some people's kids...

We had a blast fishing off the pontoon boat.  I caught the first fish.  In fact I caught at least eight fish and only one other person even caught one! 
Of course, we were joking that the little bluegill that I caught and released just kept swimming around the boat and taking my hook again.  Everything that I causht was tiny!   It was great fun though. 

Ben has so many wonderful friends! 

What a great day.

I got home to find my sheep waiting by the gate to go back into their main pasture.
I had left them in the side pasture for the day.

Sable wanted her friends back 'where they belong'.

All in all, a wonderful day!
I took over three-hundred pictures of my chickens when I got home! 
I stayed up until after four o'clock this morning, downloading and editing photos.
Now I can update my chicken blog with new pictures of my Calico Cochins.

DREAM says...

"Did you hear that??? 
That is just plain sick..."

biggify that picture to see Dream's expression.


P.S.  Ben is going to KILL me!


  1. Just wait for the expression you get when you tell Dream she needs to go on a DIET.... ;-)

  2. Sounds like a great time!! that is the kind of pictures I get with my grandsons, of the four of them someone is either sticking out their tongue or crossing their eyes, when they were little at Christmas to get a good picture I would always take the pictures before they could open the good gifts....worked great every time.

  3. Ben was having a great time! Looks like everyone else was as well. Dream is sooooo, uh, large!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Dream has absolutely NO UDDER, so I'm quite sure that she is NOT pregnant! She was rotund after shearing and I think that she has actually slimmed down some since then. This photo was taken about a month ago. I'd say she's a little slimmer now...

    What can I say? She takes after her human! ;-)

  5. I kept wondering about Dream Nancy. Wow, I do know the drill though; I have had Shetlands that can get huge just breathing freshly mowed grass. She is a cutie, that is for sure, and what a farm mascot.

  6. Love the fishing photos Nancy, what a way to spend the day. Congrats on catching the most fish. I've got some rather rotund sheep too and I'm afraid they take after their shepherdess too!

  7. very weird... i swear i commented on this last night, yet i dont see my name anywhere! So, jisting it again... im VERY happy for you and ben, that looks like it was a wonderful day :)

  8. I like these kind of posts the most....they are heart-warming and shows that really matters in life:)

  9. Good lord, Dreamer looks like me - that is not a good thing, I'm afraid. Glad she's slimming down a bit now!

    (Do sheep get 'hysterical pregnancies'? Just wondering...)

  10. PS - Ben looks like a real stitch. That IS a good thing. I'm glad you had a good time, you deserve it!!



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