Monday, February 02, 2009


Typically, at this time of year, when one thinks of a Grey Blanket, one is likely to think about a dreary, dull, depressing day.

Not in the Bluff Country!

I've been spinning in every spare moment to make more yarn for my Queen sized, Shetland wool, Grey Blanket! I only work on it in the winter because it is WAY too hot to knit in the summer!

I LOVE my Grey Blanket! Even if it is only about 1/2 done.

I love the natural variations in the silver-grey fleece. And it's yummy soft and unbelievably warm!!

I love my Grey Blanket and was planning on keeping it for myself. But, lately, I've been thinking that I should offer it for sale (for a ridiculously high price!) because I really need to try to bring in more money to maintain my flock...

We'll see when it's done (which could be in another year or so!)



"It takes me a whole year to grow a wool Blanket too!"


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the seed stitch border.

  2. Oh Nancy, it's gorgeous!! I adore the color. I would call it a soft dove grey. It's not the steely grey of a depressing day at all. And it looks so snuggly and warm.

    I think you should make one for everybody who comments on this post! (giggle...I had to try!)

  3. What is the contraption in the first photo?

  4. Wow, the blanket is beautiful-a labor of love!

  5. absolutely beautiful!!!! It just looks so warm:) I am very jealous but thinking I should really learn to spin:)

  6. Yeah, I think soft dove grey is a good description it absolutely beautiful.

  7. Wow! absolutly beautiful! Perfect idea, get what it's worth, gift to someone special or big money. If not keep it yourself!

  8. I think Claire had a great idea :).
    It is Beautiful!

  9. Your blanket is drop dead gorgeous! Whoever gets it, or if you keep it, it'll be a cherished piece. Who is in it?



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