Saturday, June 13, 2009

What A DAY...

Friday started off with visiting with 2 new friends (Jean and Lynn) at Lynn's House. Lynn and her husband have the most adorable little house guest living with them.

His name is "August" and he's a bottle baby, Cotswold (?) ~ please correct me if I'm wrong, Lynn! ~ lamb.

I've got to tell you: I've never met a "sheep in the house" before and I think I want one!!! OMG ~ he is just too cute!

I had to cut my visit with Lynn and Jean short because the SHEARER was coming to my place! As much as I hate shearing day (almost as much as lambing!), I have to admit, it went SO much more smoothly with the very much appreciated help of Jean, Virginia and Terry! I think that was the smoothest flowing and quickest shearing day we've ever had...

My beautiful "Highland Hollow ALICE"

Just look at the conformation on this nine year old ewe! Her fleece is almost white now (she's a registured musket) and still as soft as butter! I actually burried my face in her freshly shorn fleece and there is absoltely no "itch factor" what-so-ever! After taking a break in 2008, Alice will be bred again this fall...

I absolutely love the face (and just about everything else!) of "Bluff Country Zest". She is so refined and feminine.

Even when she's Chowing Down!

I think Cat Nap looks stunning freshly shorn! It really makes her horns more noticeable.

Talk about a Refined ewe!

And her fleece is like BLACK VELVET!!

DREAM says:

"That's MY Beautiful Baby Girl!!
Mom says us girls are looking quite well fed and I' don't want to lose my girlish figure so

I'm working out by running up and down the hill!"


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Love your photos of the lamb in the house.
    Nancy,I think Dream might be a wee bit envious if you decide to bring a bottle lamb into your home, don't you :-)
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN

  2. That lamb in the house is too cute! Shearing is stressful, but the sheep are so happy afterwards.

  3. Oh, yes that is quite the adorable photo!! Shearing day stresses me out too....I am sure all your sheep are feeling much better however. Wow, I can't believe you sold so many sheep! Congrats on you need more lambs....LOL

  4. I thought you are selling are your boys! Who is the lucky ram who gets Alice? You have lots of nicely conformed ewes there....

  5. My boys are all for sale but that doesn't mean they'll all be sold. If Hunter is still here, I'll use him on a couple of the girls. I have something else in mind for Alice though....

    (to be kept a secret until the tiime is right)

  6. Nancy, your girls look great! I didn't see any nicks - I hope you tipped the shearer. ;-)

  7. You just can't beat a cute lamb in the house ;-)



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