Saturday, June 20, 2009

Capturing Dazzle...

I saw her standing out on the little stone wall where the old barn foundation once stood.

My beautiful Dazzle (Bluff Country Zest X Kimberwood Hunter). She looked so pretty and I SO love her color that I decided that I'd focus on Dazzle and get some really good photographs of her.

You know ~ something that I'd want to frame...

I tried.

And tried.

And tried some more.

I tried from all angles.

Suffice it to say she was not particularly cooperative!

It almost seemed as if she was deliberately mocking me.

But she wouldn't do that.

Would you, Dazzle???

DREAM says:

"I don't know why Mom spent all evening chasing Dazzle around when I was standing here looking gorgeous and elegant, the whole time!"


  1. You are keeping that beautiful girl, right? I know I would never sell her:)

  2. Boy, I'd frame that first photo of her on the old barn foundation. Reminds me of a childhood book cover of Lassie atop some stormy mountain just looking for someone to rescue.

  3. Dazzle is dazzling for sure. But I have to agree that Dream looks ever so elegant and really knows how to work a pose.

  4. Yes, you were Dazzled, but I think Dream had the last word!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  5. you tried but you were "dazzled"

  6. Very funny! I've been trying to get gorgeous photos of the very lovely Smali Big Wig but he simply will not oblige! Dazzle is beautiful, even wen slightly blurred!!

  7. Those are still great photos! Nancy, you just can't take a bad picture. She's a gorgeous lamb.

  8. I have done the same thing...went out to stalk a certain lamb to get decent photos, and ended up with no cooperation. Then look around and everyone else is posing! Dazzle is a gorgeous lamb. She is mioget, correct? I'm wondering about the spots on her feet--are those dark moorit or black? Very striking little girl.

  9. Sigh. She's so pretty. I was hoping for one that would look just like that. Enjoy her!



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