Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Golden Time...

My favorite time of day is that time, shortly before the sun sets, when the shadows grow long and everything takes on a golden glow.

For as long as I can remember, I've called it "Golden Time"

I know, very original...

Tomorrow is my "prep day" for my colonoscopy.
Perhaps I'll share it on here...


  1. I hope all goes well in hospital Nancy, my thoughts are with you. Make sure you enjoy some you time enjoying your gorgeous surroundings and beautiful flock in those glorious green surroundings xx

  2. Sending more than one good thought about you in the hospital. Hope it all is fine.

    And thank you for sharing such gorgeous pictures. Really golden!

  3. Yes, I love sunsets on summer evenings too!

  4. Im not sure how much of that you should share! ;) I hope you're feeling better, I also hope i get to come home to see some gold time myself pretty soon!

  5. I'll clean the swing up for you, Katie!

  6. Peaceful photos. Don't sweat the colonscopy, I've had two they are a cake walk.
    Is this your polled guy? He's cute!

  7. Good luck with the colonoscopy - as Juliann said, it's no big deal. But I didn't like the prep, all that liquid! - so you don't need to share that with us!!!

    I like your Golden Time.
    Nancy in Atlanta

  8. Beautiful pictures! Good luck with the colonoscopy. They don't sound like fun.

  9. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Wishing you luck on your colonoscopy. I missed you tonight you and hope you see you next Monday. As always, work was a blast! ;-)



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