Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Days...

I had no idea what I wanted to blog about today so I decided to go out and take some pictures. I needed to sit with my sheep anyway as I'd had an awful night at work, last night. In fact, it was my worst day at work ~ ever. In over three years. Nothing big. Just a bunch of little things ~ one right after another ~ that really brought me down. That's OK. It's just a job. And I'm lucky to have a job!

So, I'll sit with the sheep for awhile. They always make me feel better. I'll take lots of pictures. That's usually how I get my inspiration for blogging.

I'm thinking I might do a cat and sheep blog post.

Daisy is visiting the flock this morning.

Bella is always so photogenic.

Maybe I'll post about her.

Then, I notice my "pumpkin patch".

Or, what has been ~ will be ~ my pumpkin patch! It's time to get that tilled and plant my pumpkins! I'm way behind. But it was too cold. Then, too hot! Today's a perfect day to prepare my pumpkin patch! I'll do that. There's a piece of wire fence in there that I usually keep around the Snow Crabapple Tree that I planted in my backyard last year. It's growing so nicely and I don't want to take a chance on the sheep getting at it. I moved the fence when I mowed the back yard this past weekend. I'll put it back around the tree as soon as I come back outside after posting...

So I come in the house and start downloading pictures. I got some nice ones. Bella is bugging me. She can't have to go outside ~ we just came in. I can hear the sheep, chattering outside my window. I'm SO enjoying the cooler weather.

Bella is getting quite persistent. I hear a lamb calling it's mom. Then it occurs to me. The sheep are right outside my office window. That window is NOT by the pasture that they are in. Or at least it's not by the pasture they are supposed to be in...

Sure enough. I rush outside and the sheep are in my back yard. Once again, they've eaten my plants. Goodbye new geraniums that I planted after they ate my beautiful geranium tree that I'd kept over the winter. Bye-bye clematis, which was making a striking comeback. I hope the new daisies and cone flowers & hostas that I planted this weekend come back. But, my TREE! Worst of all, they got at my tree. They stripped a good portion of bark from the trunk. Pealed the truck protector right off.

It's my fault. I obviously didn't fasten the gate.

I'm going to take a nap now...

DREAM says:

"Damn sheep!"


  1. Oh, Nancy, that is sad. I hate it when my plants and/or trees get killed. They make my days much brighter.

  2. Shucks, a bad night at work and then the sheep get in your backyard, oh well, god love 'em.

    I've worked at my job here for 25 years. Finally, I have trained myself not to care so much, then I don't carry probelms home. Don't intend to sound cynical, but just what I've had to do to stay sane. I certainly appreciate having a job but try to leave it at work. That's the withdrawn part I was talking about before.

  3. Good thing we have sheep to make us feel better when work or other things in life gets us down. Even if they got an unintended snack from your garden, I am sure you still love 'em :)

  4. Yeah, mom has everything fenced because between the cattle, the horses, the sheep, and the fowl...they wreak havoc on the plants lol

  5. Oh Nancy, that is SO aggravating! I do hope at least SOME of the plants recover.

  6. Enjoyed your blog and the lovely pictures!

  7. Ugh, those animals. The goats have eaten so many of my plants. And I do shut the gates, they are just escape artists.

  8. The great thing about plants is, they grow back! That's our favorite part right? Watching the sprouts turn into plants and then into flowers, and thinking "wow, look what I did!" The sheepies are just trying to give you that feeling over and over again, unfortunately their sense of plant-justational period is a little off, but they're sheepies, what can you do!? I'll be home soon, and help you replant :)

  9. Marilyn W.7:35 PM

    It really does take a great deal of work to outsmart these "dumb" animals doesn't it? ;)What I have done here is put a bungie cord on my gate so it works like a spring to close the gate behind me. I hook one end to the gate at the hinge side and one end to the fence right beside it. Rather like a screen door spring. It is a gate made from wood and a piece of livestock panel so it make a good load sound when it closes. The gate also has a self locking latch on the outside so it locks when it closes.
    These latches are available most any place that sells other hooks and latches...hardware store, farm store, box store....
    There still are times when one or another of the animals watches and slips past me. But better than the whole flock.

  10. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Nancy, one of your older posts of sheep with orange stained mouths is still,in my mind, the funniest, even though it's not funny they ate your pumpkins. See..there's a reason why you delayed planting pumpkins this year. Sorry to read about them getting all your other plants, though.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN

  11. I feel your pain! My sheep got out last night and ate all of my raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries and currants! Every (damn) bush! Grrrrrr!!!!

  12. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Oh, I'm sorry about your plants! The sheep must have read your mind...they gave you something to blog about!

  13. Poor plants! But I love the photo of Daisy with the sheep - she looks like she expects them to pet her. That's just the way Emma stretches out on the carpet in my PATH as I'm walking....

    Nancy in Atlanta

  14. Well, I guess if "misery loves company", I'm definitely a pretty happy camper!


    Katie Liz ~ you sure are your Mother's Daughter...

    I love you!

  15. So sorry about your flower and the tree! I love Dream's summing it all up for us at the end. :-) My sheep have been getting out lately too. In the past week, we've had three different escape routes taken. First it was the rams, then the wether and the new ram lamb, and most recently, two ewes and their lambs. The scary part is, I still haven't figured out how the ewes & lambs got out.



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