Wednesday, July 01, 2009

DAISY Says...

"Mom's letting me do the honors today because she's still too mad at the sheep and the DOGS (trust me ~ you DON'T want to know!) to even talk about them. So we'll talk about my favorite subject: ME.

I'm the Queen around here. I like to patrol my Kingdom ~ or would that be Queendom? ~ and make sure everything is as it should be. I particularly like to keep an eye on the lambs to make sure that they are behaving themselves.

It's my job to teach the lambs to show proper respect to us cats. Sometimes they get a little over-enthusiastic and I have to set them straight.

Sometimes they gang up on me and then I get a little nervous.

SHEESE! Give a girl room to breathe!

This guy looks like he wants to EAT my TAIL...

I think I'll back into the house. No sheep ~ or DOGS (today) allowed in THERE!

I hope Mom doesn't forgive them TOO soon..."


  1. Oh my! Just catching up on your blog. What a miserable thing for your sheep to do. I mean, they should enjoy the garden from a distance, and be thankful that they get to live around the lovely flowers. Rascals....

  2. Sheep can be so ungrateful, and I dread to think what the dogs did! But at least you have Daisy, and I am sure that the company of a feline that beautiful helps to make everything seem a little better :) I hope that today is going better for you.

  3. UH OH! Naughties!!

  4. Daisy is definitely a mood enhancer :) But i don't believe her for second, she loves it when the sheep crowd her; the little attention hound :) I'll see you on Saturday, and help tame all your beasties!

  5. Marilyn11:56 PM

    Read your twitter update about the appartment in town - with no pets. I would imagine that there isn't an animal lover that hasn't thought those same thoughts at one time or another. I know I certainly have!

  6. I love the ungrateful sheep comment :-) How true. Hope your today is going better and you have a good holiday!



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