Sunday, July 05, 2009

"Bluff Country Catnap".
Sometimes Ewes Have Horns...

I think she's elegant!

Catnap is my first, fully horned ewe. I've had several with small horns in the past. And last year MOST of my ewe lambs had scurs. Some, barely visible. Some an inch or two long. I think there were two other ewe lambs that may have grown horns out of last year's lamb crop but I sold both of them when they were quite young.

Catnap did break the tip off one of her horns when she was quite young and you can see that her left horn is not quite as long or curved as her right. I think she's absolutely beautiful. And her fleece is like BLACK VELVET!!

Catnap is one of the many ewes that will be leaving me at the end of this month. I will miss her terribly...

DREAM says...

"Of COURSE she's elegant and beautiful! She's MY daughter! She takes after her MOTHER!

What's this about Catnap leaving.....?????"

Oh my. I've been meaning to talk with you about that, Dreamer...


  1. What do you call that edging on Dreamer, between the black and the white? I just love that.

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I am like a echo, I know, Nancy. But I love the last photo of Dream--she looks so wise and beautiful.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  3. Joanna ~ I've always like that 'edging' as well. It's where the black is spreading. As a lamb, Dream had much more white on her face. As she matured (typical of spotting) the darker area tends to expand.

    Diane ~ Thank you and please don't stop! I know it may sound vain (or pathetic!) but I truly enjoy and appreciate all of your comments and compliments!


  4. They're beautiful, and it must be so hard to part with any of them.

    Nancy in Atlanta

  5. Catnip is a beautiful ewe. Does having some with horns and some without cause any problems? I know with goats they say have them all with horns or all without horns.

  6. Hi Nancy. Will see you on Friday when I come to pick up Moon. My ewe lamb from you last year, Debutante, has horns, not as beautiful as these though. And, in fact, she just broke one off yesterday. A bloody mess that is. She seems fine with it. And so it goes with horns. Looking forward to Friday.

  7. Catnap is certainly a "handsome" ewe! She has some of the most thick horns I've seen on a ewe - just beautiful.
    I'm sorry she's leaving the Bluff Country.

  8. She is elegant. It's sad having to part with animals we know well. I'm just considering whether to downsize now or give it another season. I've been struggling with graze and it's so expensive feeding lots of mouths with extras. I suppose we'll have to see whether our new low cost living arrangements are going to work out...

  9. Hey Nancy, I think Catnip is beautiful as well! We also have only one horned ewe, and wish they were all horned - they're so much easier to hold on to when working them. (we didn't know that when we were looking to buy sheep though!)



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