Sunday, July 26, 2009

They MADE IT!!!

My babies are all safe and sound in their new home in Maryland! I got an email from their new owner this morning saying that they arrived around 4 o'clock this morning and spent an hour eating and drinking. I am SO relieved to know that they are there and safe.

In the meantime, back in the Bluff Country...

My other girls are doing their best to fill the void in my heart left by saying good-bye to 15 of my best friends.

I have to admit ~ they're pretty good 'medicine'!



DREAM says...

"Don't worry, we've got everything under control..."


  1. so how many do you have left now?

  2. Wow, 15 gone in one fell swoop? That IS a shock to the system!

  3. I have 14 ewes left ~ 3 of them are actually sold but still live here. (which is SO fine with me!) I would have been down to 10 ewes but the gentleman who bought the group that just went to Maryland decided he didn't want any horned ewes so Catnap stayed here. I may put her up for sale so that I do get down to 10...

    My only adult ram is Kimberwood Hunter (who has a buyer when I'm ready to let him go) and I have 2 ram lambs. I just put Zorro (who is sold) and Eureka (who is sold/pending his horn growth. His buyer wants half polled and he is defiinitely looking like he fits the bill) in with Hunter last night. It was a good move because Eureka has a "snail scur" (it curls right around and would grow right into his eye if not trimmed!) that was getting close to his eye. When I went out this morning, the scur was knocked away from his eye. Saved me a nasty job!



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