Sunday, July 12, 2009

As Promised...
The Three Musketeers....

These three lambs are practically inseperable. The Three Musketeers (in the Bluff Country, anyway!) consist of "Dazzle", her brother, "Razzle" and his buddy "Dusty". They are always together ~ often in trouble (as in slipping through the fences) ~ and infinitely adorable!

As I said yesterday, Razzle and Dusty will be leaving this coming Friday for their new home. Poor Dazzle will be LOST without "her boys"! It's a good thing she's such a friendly ewe lamb.

Because I know that their new shepherdess will have Razzle and Dusty wethered, I have let them be obnoxiously friendly (but well behaved!) boys. I will miss them. Fortunately, I get together with their new mom every Friday so I'll get to see them often!

And of course, Dazzle will be staying with me so she'll be plenty spoiled...

DAZZLE says...

"Sounds good to ME!!"


  1. To Katie: I'm sorry for not posting about Luca and how much better I'm feeling! I had already promised I'd do the Three Musketeers today. But now I've got blog fodder for tomorrow....


    I love you! Thank you so much for everything!
    I'm so glad you made it back to Georgia safely.

  2. Nancy, two of my three ram lambs are going to a pet home, too. Isn't it lovely to be able to love on them, knowing they will be wethered fiber pets? My remaining ram lamb will be lost without HIS little buddies. He'll have to be by himself until breeding season when he gets one of my ewes, and then hopefully goes north to Everranch to meet some more girls, then hang out with other ram lambs. Maybe by the time he returns, he'll be big enough to stand up to Braveheart, who isn't very nice to his wether buddy.

  3. I just love the color of Dazzle and like her name.

  4. Razzle looks so much like my "Wiggy" in his face and conformation! Very handsome boys. Glad to see you back blogging xx

  5. Dazzle is a beautiful color. Would you call that Mioget?



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