Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ah - HA!

No group of juvenile Shetlands is going to outsmart ME!

It didn't take me long to get all five girls back into the re-reinforced paddock this morning.

Those babies are going to have to FLY if they want to get out of there!

It's much quieter this time than it was yesterday. Perhaps they won't even TRY??

My beautiful "Cricket" (one of my very favorite ewe lambs!)

"Shaela" ~ what a beauty!

DREAM says...

"Are you thinking that perhaps Mom is keeping herself incredibly busy so she doesn't have time to think about everyone who's leaving on Friday???"

Oh, hush now, Dreamer!


  1. ok you have a busy life like me!! I love all your posts..

    how do you do the 'strike through' on the words?

    also why don't you have a post of the sheep that are STAYING!? perhaps that would help? And curious minds want to know who is staying too

    AND about this 'honey' you keep mentioning slyly. :)

  2. Oh Nancy - don't you know better than to type the words of that first line? I'll be afraid to check back tomorrow ;-D

  3. Good for you.... although their very quietness and seeming acceptance of the situation would worry me. :-) The post of the 'weaning' was hilarous, seeing all those open mouths, it was obvious pretty quickly what was going on! So very glad it was a 'silent post'. ;-)

  4. They are so beautiful. I wouldn't want to part with any of them.



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