Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Of Scurs and Skirmishes...

As I suspected, ZARIA's beautiful ram lamb is half polled. He was developing a "snail scur" (a small scur that curls around ~ following the shape of the scull and threatens to grow into the eye) on his right side. It was just about time that I was going to have to trim it to keep it from growing into his eye!

Then I got the bright idea of putting the two remaining ram lambs in with Hunter. I was actually hoping that Eureka would knock off the threatening scur. And he did! By the next morning. The scur was knocked loose and standing up on his head. It was actually, just hanging on by a flap of skin and I knew it would be completely off before the day was done.

Sure enough, the offending scur fell off and imminent threat was avoided! This s how small the scur was:

HUNTER was quite happy to have new companions! He was missing Bling something terrible and begging for attention ever since Bling left on Friday. I think the two bawling baby boys were a bit overwhelming for him. But they soon settled into a nice little bachelor group.

This photo shows a good example of the color Shaela (Eureka, the lamb in the back) compared to black (Zorro, the lamb in the front of the photo)

Unfortunately, Hunter (Kimberwood Hunter ~ sire to all my 2009 lambs) was feeling a bit 'full of himself' in his new role as "Lord of the Lambs" and apparently thought he had to show the new boys how tough he was. He decided to butt ME!

NOT a good plan, my beautiful, Golden Boy!!

I grabbed one handful of his beautiful, mioget wool and one horn and we did a dance around that paddock ~ grunting and groaning like a couple of drunken sailors, duking it out. Sorry folks, no pictures ~ I had all I could do to hang on and keep BREATHING!!

I finally managed to roll the big (by this time very frightened) galoot onto his back and straddled him. I slapped him up and yelled at him and sat on him until he seemed duly contrite.

It must have worked because once I released Hunter, the three boys went back into the barn and Hunter laid in the corner like a bad boy doing his penance!

Poor baby.

Don't worry. Hunter didn't hurt me when he butted me. It wasn't like a wild charge trying to take out a mortal enemy. More of a shove to show me (and the two ram lambs) who was boss.
I guess I settled that issue!
For today...


NEVER take your eyes off an intact ram!!!

DAZZLE says...

"You better stay away from those boys and just come sit with US, Mom!!"

Good idea, my beautiful Dazzle ~ I'm on my way!


  1. Good job showing him who is boss. My jacob ewe gets a little full of herself sometimes. We usually work it out pretty quickly.

  2. Oh My! All Star Ram Wrestling! Hope your not too bruised or sore. I love the photo of him sulking in the corner. Poor guy, he was working so hard to show the new guys who was boss.

  3. Nancy, Zaria sent me a message saying that she would really like to move to a flock where her half-poll status would be a valuable contribution towards breeding for full polled, especially since she would be the only "blaze-face" and therefore SUPER-special. Email me!

  4. WHAT an exciting day you had! and I've learnt some new words. They will come in handy when I lay Scrabble with larry.

    Blessings Star

  5. Very funny. I had to read this aloud to Chris. Thanks for making me smile x

  6. Got his butt whipped by a girl. Poor guy is humiliated. *snicker*

  7. As my 4 yr old niece would say, "Girls Rule and Boys Drool"! Some boys just need to know who is the real boss:)

  8. are girls a lot calmer than the boys?



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