Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lonely Boys...

I put Ann Margaret in with the other hens. So now, Annie, Oprah (Buff Orp), Goldilocks (Buff Orp) and Elvira & Star (Easter Eggers) are all living together in the chicken coop.


He was most defintely missing his mate!

After two days of Bruce pacing back and forth outside of the chicken coop, I finally put him and Luca in with the hens.

Even though, Luca didn't seem to mind just "baching it" with his Dad!

All are now happily living in the coop.

There is a ladder (that I MADE!) that goes up to the open window so that they can go outside but, thus far, nobody has seen fit to venture out. Of course, I do shut the window at night...


  1. What a beautiful little flock you have now! Of course, it was beautiful before, just smaller. Congrats again on the new additions; may they live long and lay well!

  2. Your (looks like bantams) chickens all look pretty. Poor boys, yes, put them back in with the girls.

  3. Your boys are so handsome! Do you suppose they just don't get the ladder thing? I mean we are talking about animals with brains the size of a pea. lol Is it possible to make a little chicken door at floor level?

  4. Your roosters are gorgeous! Love the crowing picture.

  5. I can't wait to see everything you built! You take amazing pictures, but i know some things, especially sprawling building constructions!, just can't be captured in a narrow lense. I get a long weekend over Memorial Day, and for now it looks like carter will be predisposed, so, time to come HOME! I miss you, and the obnoxious dogs, and my swing, and the goofy chickens and sheepies. Sigh, just over a month to go...

  6. OOOOOOOOh! That would be SO wonderful!
    I miss my Beautiful Baby Girl and I want to show off the awesome chicken coop that I built.

    I'm still eating good but need someone to motivate me into taking these dogs for walks...

  7. Pretty chickens. They are always happier all together.

  8. I'm so sorry for Bruce! He looks so sad in those first few photos! :(

    I"m glad you have remidied that and everyone is happy! :)

  9. remedied!! Gosh wake up Garrett!



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