Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rosemary and Thyme...
(and SHEEP, of Course!)

I have been bitten by the "Perennial Bug". I find that I keep buying perennial plants and planting them. My latest acquisitions are herbs:

and Thyme

I'm sure the sheep just can't WAIT to try them...

I've posted quite a few photos of Dazzle, lately. She's one of the two ewe lambs that I am keeping this year. The other ewe lamb that I'm keeping is:

FLASH has been taking modeling lessons from Dazzle. Behold our most recent photo shoot:

The real problem with photographing Flash is that she's always on my lap! I try leaning way back and holding the camera at arm's length, but it's not easy gettting good pictures of her.

I like this one that I cropped from the one above...

(who is leaving with the Maryland group) says...

"I'm Out of Here!"


  1. I'm with you, I like perennials.

    A couple of my goats also like to get in my lap while I'm out sitting with 'em. I don't mind the weight of the little ones but the big ones about make me lose my womanhood.

  2. I love growing thyme and any herb with "lemon".
    Herb gardens are wonderful additions to the yard! I love the flying lamb...great photo!!

  3. She's beautiful! I love her marking. What is that called? I'm still trying to learn all the colors, let alone the markings.

  4. Cool! I just love your pictures and the sheep.

  5. Even though there were a few rough ones, the first and last of Flash are both very nice! But the leaping Gold Rush wins hooves down! However, it wouldnt have been nearly as funny without your captions! I hope you're able to look forward to the lessening of work and stress as the move date approaches, rather than the goodbye. I know you're going to end up looking back on this as one of the most fortunate things to happen to Bluff Country Shetlands, I just hope you get there quickly :)

  6. That is one beautiful ewe!

  7. I love the "in mid-air" leap! So, do you recommend any recipes containing Rosemary? I planted some, too and don't really know what to do with it!

  8. Flash is also beautiful, like all your sheepies. The leaping photo is terrific.

    Nancy in Atlanta

  9. Hey Karen ~
    I put a little bit of Rosmary and Thyme on my Mahi Mahi or Talapia filets (along with some garlic powder or minced garlic and a little seasoned salt & pepper), MMMMMMMmm! It doesn't take much with the fresh stuff ~ MUCH more flavor than the store bought herbs!

    It's also GREAT on lamb!!



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