Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Shepherding...

I just HAD to get rid of that awful picture of Zorro! Time for something more attractive! ;-)

How about handsome, "Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon"? He's a stunning 2 year old moorit/smirslet ram with two white stockings, nice, soft fleece and a perfect tail. And he's FOR SALE! Moon has sired some gorgeous lambs for me and I'm keeping several of his daughters. Since I plan on breeding VERY few years in the future, I just don't need to keep multiple breeding rams. So Moon is looking for a new home. The first person to send me $150.00 gets themselves a VERY nice, HST producing, Shetland ram!

Not in the market for a ram? OK ~ she's not for sale but here's a pretty picture of my little Dazzle!

And here she is with her dam ~ "Bluff Country Zest" who is in absolute heaven getting a good scratch off the cement bench in the lamb paddock.Click to see the pure ecstasy on Zest's face!)

"Enough, Mom! This is getting embarrassing!"

LUCA says:

"It sure beats the picture of the bloody stump. Much better!"


  1. Yes, much better. What a handsome ram and pretty lamb. Naked ewes are less pretty, but I am sure you love them until their wool grows out anyway.

  2. Moon is GORGEOUS....but even so, I have to say that Dazzle is even prettier!

  3. MUCH better! Im sure all your readers appreciate the break from Zorro's recovery :). Moon really is gorgeous, his horns are awesome! I hope he finds a good home. I'll be "home" myself in four days...


  4. Wow - those horns are magnificent!

  5. Nancy, I am interested. Hunter's horns are not what I had hoped for. Let me know if he's been taken or what. Busy here with puppies!

  6. Oo, that Luca, so beeeeeautiful!!!



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