Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am WOMAN Hear Me...

I was SO proud of myself yesterday! I managed to unload a tree (single-handedly) that took two men and a Bobcat) to get loaded into my Jeep. Not only did I unload it, myself, I managed to get it to the back yard, dig a BIG hole, and plant it!! All. By. Myself!!! Here me ROAR!!!

I also took some photos as I was planting the tree ~ to prove that I really did do what I said I did. Unfortunately, I also left my camera, outside, lying in the grass. OVERNIGHT! And, yes, it did rain last night...

I just spent the last half-hour blow drying my precious camera. It doesn't work, yet, but I'm hoping that if I leave it sit in a sunny spot all day, perhaps tomorrow???

DREAM (circa 2006) says...

..."Oh, MY! It's a good thing you've got lots of good pictures of ME!"



  1. I have done that! So when I got my new camera, I bought the Staples 2 year "insurance" that will replace your camera, as long as it is not lost or stolen or intentionally damaged, in the event you do something like that. I wish you were closer, I would say Sera and Sunshine would have to come to NY. Bopeep is bringing me a nice group though so I am excited about making my own spots. Love your blog! How are the Angoras? Have you spun mohair and shetland together yet? It is awesome! Kara

  2. Been there! I've left my phone outside...camera outside...*sigh* Hopefully your's holds up! Good luck!

  3. They say that any precious electronics exposed to water can be dried by putting them in a bowl of white rice kernels. The moisture is wicked into the rice, and dries the item in question with little damage to the innards. Just an idea...

  4. I dropped my cell phone this weekend in a glass of cranberry juice. I just got my upgrade so I'm stuck with a phone that has issues for the next two years. Someone told me about the rice trick and I'd forgotten until Melanie mentioned it. Hopefully, you'll give it a try.

  5. Oh my gosh, you guys ~ it still doesn't work!! I really thought it would be fine if I just let it sit for a day. I can't not have a camera!! I've got lambs to photograph...

    Welcome to my blog, Kara! It's always nice to meet someone new.

    Rayna (I love your name!) I need to add your blog to my links...

    Melanie ~ I LOVE Candy & Kane! What a cool chance to see nature up close and personal...

    Becky ~ I hope your phone fares better than my camera! How are all your beautiful baby goats doing?

  6. OH GEEESH! Not the camera! I hope it dries out, you must feel lost, and we want to see all of your beautiful pictures.

  7. YOU GO GIRL! Planting a tree is no easy task. I'm impressed. Hope your camera comes back to life..we enjoy your pictures too much!



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