Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yesterday's News...

Still no camera.

The ewes and lambs are having a grand time "in the ditch"! What a relief to not have to worry about my pasture holding up to my increased number of sheep this year!

Sunshine has already found a new home! I'm going to miss her beautiful, sunny glow.

I was planning on starting HALTER LESSONS this weekend. I have three days off. Not sure if I can do that ~ without a camera!!!

Here's my TREE!

It's a snow crab. It gets showy white flowers, in the Spring, but doesn't bear any fruit (no messy crab apples). I love it.

Bella and Daisy were a big help in digging the hole.

I guess I'll go outside now...

and NOT take any pictures.



  1. Yes, and you will understand why I am so happy that I can use the loader on my tractor. Sorry about the camera. We will all miss your pictures. Get a new one quick.

  2. Still no camera?! :( That's no good. Hopefully it starts working least decent cameras have come way down in price!

  3. Nancy - I know this won't give you your camera back - but have you tried removing the card from the camera and loading it into the computer (Make sure it's dry) - at least you may be able to salvage some pictures that way.
    By the way - your lambs are looking great!



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