Friday, May 23, 2008

Gone Shopping...

I can't stand it. I NEED to get a camera...


  1. Good! Because we NEED to see sheep.

  2. I agree w/ Cate :) Dont' know how I'd live without a camera either :) Thinking about getting one with a faster picture taking quality, so I can maybe get some of those popcorn photos to turn out right :)

  3. I love the camera I got for Christmas - a Nikon D40x. It's expensive but has a fast shutter speed for those "action" lamb shots! LOL!

    Have fun shopping!

  4. Well? Come ooooonnnn...You went shopping at 8am! You should have like...100 pictures by now! We're waiting ;-) hehehe

  5. I dropped and broke my camera and couldn't handle it. Found a used one, a little better model, on eBay. By the time it arrived, my old one came back to life. At least now I have a back-up!



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