Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Bluff Country Polar Bear"...

Born to Bluff Country Angel and Bluff Country Zorro
 on Sunday, June 27th.  What an awesome ram lamb! 
 Unfortunately, I did his entire post on my  OTHER  BLOG!
(how embarrassing!)

Please hop over to my  Backyard Chickens blog  to read about 'Bear' and then,
check back here later today for news about Zaria's twin, HST ewe lambs!

Life is Good in the Bluff Country!
Even more so because my Beautiful Baby Girl is coming home


  1. :-). He's a cutie. And the picture of the black and white lamb on the "other" blog is DARLING!

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Great pictures of my baby ram lamb! He is just so darned CUTE! Yeah for Godiva! That leaves Dreamer and who else? I knew I shouldn't have gone home!

    Hugs Lady!

    Katie in WI

  3. Very cute. :)
    Enjoy time with your Baby Girl! :)

  4. That leaves DREAM and FLASH DANCE (both HST) left to lamb. And then we will be DONE with lambing!!!!

    Oh, I WILL, Linda G. I will! :-)
    We're going shopping for her wedding dress...

  5. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Well, tell Dreamer and Flash that they'd better cross their legs and wait until Thursday! ;-)


    Katie in WI

  6. He is, he is totally pink! Where his little horn buds are, those are pink!
    What a sweet baby.



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