Friday, June 18, 2010

Sable and the Sheep...

Sable has been wanting to go out with the ewes and lambs ever since the first baby was born.  I thought it best, for Sable's sake, to keep her out until the babies were a bit older.  Those new moms can be pretty fierce!

Last night, I let Sable join me when I decided to sit with the ewes and lambs for a while, after mowing half of their pasture.  The following photos were taken last night ~ during Sable's first visit with the lambs...

I tell you what ~ if you want "alert looking sheep" photos, take a dog into their pasture!'


For the first fifteen minutes or so, the Moms pretty much chased Sable.  Poor girl, she was SO happy to finally get to go in with the babies.  In this photo, she'd gotten so wary that she was even running from the lambs!

I tell you what though:  I don't think Sable is really "afraid" of the sheep.  She's just smart enough to get out of their way.  Most of the time when the ewes were chasing her, her tail was wagging.  In a short time, things settled down (perhaps everyone was hot and tired?) and everyone relaxed ~ even with Sable in the pasture.

Ahhhhhh!  MUCH better.

Before long, the lambs got curious...

Notice Sable, avoiding eye contact.
"I'm no threat!"


And closer...

Dixie Cup was completely enthralled.

Sable seems to have made a new friend!

Charm decided that she likes Sable too...

Alice even let her triplets check her out!

SABLE says...

"I like my sheep!"

Tomorrow I'll post the pictures of Charm's Mom, "Chance" giving Sable a good, CLOSE going over.  I guess she wanted to make sure that Sable passed inspection before allowing her to be Charm's friend.  It was a HOOT!


  1. Sable is gorgeous - I can't believe that little puppy has grown so much. She definitely appears to be wise for her age - good sheep dog!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Sable is a beautiful looking dog and smart as a whip too :-)

  3. Sable has grown up so much! What a lovely looking girl she is, and obviously loves her flock.

  4. Anonymous4:13 PM


    These photos are SO CUTE and it's so endearing the way Sable behaves with the lambs. You made my day, thanks!


  5. Look how big the lambs are getting!!

    Is the weather still bad down there? It's been pretty nice here - although too warm for this hot-flashing gal!

  6. Oh Good GRIEF! My sheep STILL hate Hank.

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful girl she has grown into and she looks in such super condition too. So glad to see that she is growing into her role with your flock. I hope she brings you much joy xx

  8. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Awww, love seeing those last photos when the sheep were finally trusting Sable.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  9. What a fun story :) And Sable has grown up to be gorgeous! I'm also really impressed with he instinct to avoid eye contact until the lamb trusted her. Good dog :) The mama sheepies get lots of credit too for their protective measures!

  10. Those pics are so cool--it's lovely to see how the sheep gradually warmed up to Sable!

  11. Anonymous2:40 PM

    awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I wanna come play with the sheep and the lambs and the dogs and the chickens! I can't BELIEVE how big they've gotten! I've never even met Kiss and her brothers yet! And in a few more days there will be MORE! I can't wait! I can't wait I can't wait! I feel like a little girl at Christmas!


    Katie in WI

  12. Sable is such a beauty and her attitude towards the sheep is wonderful. Great pictures. I had to quit letting the collies in with me to do chores after I got the Shetlands, as the sheep would try and kill them. Of course Boone doesn't get to go in there because he would like to kill them. So, a fence between and all is well.

  13. Did the sheep do the hoof stomping thing? It always cracks me up when they do that. I know they think it makes them seem scary but it sure doesn't scare anybody.

  14. Yes, Christine ~ the girls did the foot stomping threat. Sable seems to think that that means they're ready for a good game of tag! ;-) She almost seems to enjoy it when they chase her! Which is fine with me as long as she doesn't chase back. THAT is not allowed...



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