Saturday, June 05, 2010

AGAIN With the Rain...

It's another grey and rainy day in the Bluff Country.
The kind of day that gives me a chance to do some work INSIDE the house.  I've been busy cleaning (chicken pens ~ not the house, you silly!) and washing fleeces and updating my website!

Lot's of cute pictures of the lambs on the website
What's the weather like where YOU live?


  1. Weather was REALLY crappy this morning and then we got some sun....and then a tornado watch for the whole state of NH until 10 pm tonight! Can you imagine? Been a weird day....have two pairs of twins that want out to play! Guess they have to wait a bit.

  2. Beautiful black and whites! If it makes you feel any better about your overcast days... its in the upper 90s, both in temp and humidity, here. enjoy your shade :)

  3. It's hot again today. No rain right now, but it's 98 on the front porch. I believe I'm staying in the rest of the day.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Here in North Central Washington it's raining, AGAIN. We are on the DRY side of the state, which has NOT been very dry this year.

  5. Oh my goodness, what we here in North Texas wouldn't give for some overcast skies and heaven forfend -- rain! We've had mid to high 90s since mid-May, with little relief in sight. It was 98 yesterday with a heat index of 103. Don't you know the sheep, goats, alpacas, chickens, and LGDs were hunkering down in the shade. I feel so badly for the big border leicesters. Anyway, since moving to our place we haven't had typical weather yet. Last fall/winter we had record amounts of rain. The winter brought record cold and snow fall, and now highly unseasonable heat/drought. We're fearing for the pastures. Anyway, take care up there. Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm



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