Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeding Time at the Zoo...

Since I don't suppliment any of my lambs, I give ewes with Triplets a little "lamb creep feed" every day.  I figure it's got to be pretty nutritious and the lambs always "help" eat it.

 If you click to enlarge this photo, check out the fleece on the cheeks and poll of Duchess!
Her fleece is incredibly soft as well.

Alice, Duke, Duchess and Princess stand at the gate, calling for me every day to remind me to bring them their food.  It gets a little competitive at the trough/er ~ feed bowl.

Of course, Alice isn't the only ewe with Triplets.
Destiny and her gang also come in  for their creep feed.

I need to get another big pan! 
Look how tiny "Kiss" is compared to her brothers! 
And how dark her moorit fleece is!  She may actually be a dark brown...

After lunch, Alice and Destiny take their babes back out to the main pasture.
(look at the tails on those lambs!)

When I open the gate to let Alice & Destiny out,  poor Chance always rushes in looking for anything that was missed. 

I'm afraid it's pretty Slim Pickins'
That's OK.   Chance doesn't look like she really needs any extra feed!

Now, Charm (Bluff Country Lucky Charm) is another story:

She'll kick and drag that dish all over the paddock, looking for food!
Poor baby...

Fortunately, Charm and her beautiful sister, Serendipity, seem to be growing just fine.

DREAM says...

"Mom doesn't think we've seen the last of the triplets for this year!   Stay tuned to see if she's right.  It won't be much longer..."


  1. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  2. We'll definitely be keeping an eye out Dreamer! You take care. Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm, Texas

  3. LOL I love the pictures of Charm playing with the bowl. Dream looks very big, maybe large twins though? Great pictures as always Nancy.

  4. Actually, Shula ~ that picture of Dream was taken May 23 ~ almost a month ago! ;-)

    I don't think she's gotten much bigger though and I'd be quite happy with twins.

    It's Dream's Mom, Zodiak that looks like she may have three. And Godiva is huge! I've never seen her this big. Of course Zaria is looking mighty round as well...


  5. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    It will be interesting to see what's in store for us with the rest of the lambs...please stay in touch. I'm working on Godiva's neck fleece that we rooed now. and I washed her main fleece that was sheared yesterday in all that rain. Soft!!!!Hope you are feeling BETTER! Wow is Duchess ever cute with all that wool on her cheeks and poll...




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