Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Lull Between Storms...

The Midwest has been wracked by violent storms over the past three weeks and the Bluff Country is no exception. 

As I was walking out to check on the ewes and lambs the other day, I saw this awesome sky "above my big barn".  It looked like streaks emanating from the roof of the barn.  It lasted for at least a half hour. 
Very eiree!

Then the sun broke out and everything was enveloped in a golden glow.

I turned the expecting ewes out onto fresh pasture...

Not that they NEED any more to eat!


DREAM says...

"Check this out!  Mom says that in this picture, I don't even look pregnant!  She seems to think that Zest is going to have her babies first and then Godiva.   I wonder how she knows this stuff...?"

Trust me, when it comes to who's going to lamb and when, I don't know much of anything!  But Zest does look like she's the closest, followed closely by Godiva.  I'd say we've got maybe a week to go.  And, yes,  I was amazed at how trim Dream looked in that photo!  It's some kind of fluke of angle and/or light though...she definitely looks VERY pregnant!

We're getting close, in the Bluff Country!


  1. I've noticed that when I think they look "trim" and quit watching them so closely, that's when they have their lambs! ...sneaky, Dream, sneaky!

  2. You have how many more to lamb? You should have a 4th of July lamb contest if some are getting close to that day....just saying. "Cracker" could be a fun name;)

  3. The sky in that first picture IS very unique! I think after all the wild weather in Minnesota lately, it would make me nervous. Hope none of the ewes choose to lamb during a thunderstorm or tornado - although it would make for some great naming ideas! You could go with a Wizard of Oz theme - hee!

  4. Human babies like to come during bad weather...

    Good luck though! :)

  5. That pasture looks wonderful. Those lucky sheep and just bound to enjoy it.
    Glad the sky was nothing to worry about.
    Blessings, Star

  6. Oh, my! Lambies on the way and we are weaning already! Have fun!

  7. Anonymous8:20 PM

    It looks like the Good Shepherd is putting a safety shield around your barn and watching over you and your flock! Godiva and Zest are HUGE!!! Keep me posted...I am home this Sat. and Sunday, not up north...

    Wonder what Dream's secret to looking so slender is :>)Lots of pregnant ladies would like to know.


  8. Your ewes look so happy and healthy. What a beautiful and lush pasture.

    The sky is amazing and even better you were there to get a picture of this. You need to print an enlargement of this picture and frame and mount it on your wall, for sure~

  9. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Beautiful pictures Mom!
    Love you...

  10. What a unique looking sky. I'm glad you're staying safe with all those storms your way Nancy. Good luck with the rest of the girls left to lamb.

  11. as unfortunately un-religious as I am, I still have to agree with Terry, it looks like someone is shining down on you. I like this very much :)

  12. Cool clouds!!! Can't wait to see Dream's babies :-).

  13. Maybe Dream has dropped! Ha ha ha--didn't I say that a month ago?? It's hard to believe you are going into 'second' lambing season, as the lambs here are all leaving for their new homes and the ones that are staying are little mooses.



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