Sunday, May 13, 2007

I thought about doing a new tribute to "MOTHER'S DAY", but decided to just link to last year's so I could post more 2007 lamb pictures here. I have to tell you, however, I did sit out with the ewes and lambs for quite a while this afternoon and it was almost a spiritual experience. I had a half-dozen lambs laying curled up against me while the mom's contentedly grazed nearby. I felt like a trusted part of the flock. What an honor. (not to mention that I also had wonderful visits and chats with my human children!) I am happy to say that I felt truly blessed and grateful for the wonderful life that I have. I've come a long way!

Want to see some baby pictures...?????

Here's Flash Flood's twins, "Popcorn" and "Godiva"

I'm going to focus on the boys for a few days as they will all have to find new home s in the next few months. Popcorn is a beautiful, white, ram lamb who's sire (Paco) is HST. So he carries the genetics for spotting and should be an excellent flock sire for someone!

Isn't he HANDSOME????

THIS IS NOT TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY!Captured at just the right angle, Popcorn looks amazingly like a UNICORN!



  1. Well Nancy - as always, your lambs are beautiful. So I was wondering - ahem - have you put any thought into
    a 2008 calender - I think the unicorn picture is a wonderful start (hint, hint). ;-)

  2. How did you get (or create, or filter) the amazing light in those photos? They are stunning!

  3. Gosh! I haven't even started thinking about a 2008 Calendar. My cost has gone up and the shipping is so ridiculous, that I wasn't even sure I would do one. At least not LOTS of them to sell. I always make ME one....

    As for my pictures...I wish that I could say that I have some kind of special talent or knowledge that makes the lighting so pretty. The truth is: I use my digital camera, set on "auto" for every picture. I do like to take pictures when the light is 'different' and I suspect there may be a bit of a *sheepy nose-print* filter on my lense. ;-)



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