Sunday, May 27, 2007

After work...

As soon as I get home from work, I head out to sit with the lambs and ewes. (yes, I'm working this weekend)

I love how all the lambs gather around me for love. I haven't even started giving them animal crackers yet! I'm gonna miss my little friends when they leave for their new homes, later this summer. This is my beautiful "Calypso" (Savannah X Bravo). She'll be moving to Missouri, along with Bravo, Tiara, Fantasy and Phoebe. At least I'll know that they have friends in their new home!

I can't believe I sold Phoebe (Lost Lake Farm Phoebe) She is such a beautiful ewe and a wonderful mom! I am SO impressed by the lambs (triplets!) that she gave me this year that I'm thinking of using one of her boys, if I'm still here and haven't sold both, this fall. The only reason I'm parting with Phoebe is because I have her daughter, Flash Flood, to carry on her line...

My Beautiful "Polka Dot" will be moving all the way to Pennsylvania! And she's going to live with last year's lambs "Cresendo" & "Whisper"! Dot has grown into the most elegant ewe lamb and is SUCH a love. She reminds me so much of Dream as a lamb...
At least, Polka Dot will have company on the ride to Pennsylvania, Dream Weaver, Gypsy and Jewel will also be making their home on the East coast (Massachusets) and we'll be arranging to transport them together. It's going to be mighty sad in the Bluff Country when that truck leaves!!!


DREAM says........"ME TOO!"



  1. Hey girlfriend!

    I'm working too!
    Be sure to set aside some down time for yourself. And sheepy snuggle time. :)

  2. It was so nice to see that your sheep will be going to homes where they have friends with them. (I sure wish I could work it out to do, but with that darned surgery all my plans have gone haywire!)

    I appreciate your mentioning "Fawn" as a color for Blessa - I hadn't thought about that but you're right. When you get a good look at her face you can almost see areas of lighter fibers as in very diluted spots. We'll just have to keep each other posted about our "Fawns". :)

    And thanks for the Happy Memorial Day greetings! Ralph and I take this and Veterans Day very seriously as we have both lost comrades we had duty with. You'll never know just how much someone giving thanks to the military means to everyone in boots...all politics aside.

  3. I'm working all weekend too. Major bummer, I'd rather be home taking sheep pictures. As usual, Nancy, your lambs are beautiful. McDreamy and McSteamy are awful tempting.



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