Saturday, May 05, 2007

They have NAMES....

Meet "Bluff Country Mc Dreamy" and "Bluff Country Mc Steamy", twin ram lambs ~ part of Phoebe's 2007 triplet group. Gorgeous fleece & very nice conformation on these boys!!
Mc Dreamy is slightly smaller than his big brother but has tighter crimp to his fleece and there's no tapering off of the crimp on his rear. Incredible fleece and HST spotting genetics (sired by Bluff Country Apocalypse).

Mc Steamy is a little bigger than his brother and has more pronounced horn buds (that's how I tell them apart!). His fleece is also incredible, although, not quite as tightly crimped as Mc Dreamy's and it loosens up, just a bit, on his hind legs.


  1. Great names for the boys!

  2. Those names are the funniest! Love it! :)
    What beauties, I'm envious. I didn't get any white lambs this year...and now I miss them. ;)



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