Saturday, May 12, 2007


I put all the ewes and lambs together yesterday. This is one of the noisiest days of the year! It is hardest on the newer moms ~ those who haven't had as much time to bond with their lambs and get used to other lambs playing with their precious babies.

Rosie and Diva stayed pretty close to their babies.
Although "Idol" did manage to sneak off and meet a couple of the other ram lambs. Here he is with "Dream Weaver (left) and "Socrates". Look how big they look next to Idol!

"Fantasy" quickly set about organizing lamb races!

"Dilemma" had to do a double-take when she saw there were other sheep that look like her and her mom, Diva...

Phoebe's "Mc Dreamy & Mc Steamy" left their mom and sister to go exploring with the other boys.

All the lambs enjoyed the rock pile...

I've got lots more pictures of all the babies. I want to start "highlighting" one or two each day or so. Now, all I need is more time.

DREAM says...

..."You should see how FAST my babies run!!!"


  1. Today I start finding out about sheep together with new lambs. Your pictures are fabulous as usual. Wish I could see all of them in person.

  2. Oh, but Sharrie, you CAN!!! We need to plan a day to have you over. We can spin and/or knit and play with sheep....

    I want to get out to see your pretty babies too!

  3. Terry7:53 PM


    They are all beautiful and healthy--what a great way to spend Mother's Day!




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