Friday, May 25, 2007


I'll have a number of very nice ram lambs for sale this year. All of my HST's are sold, but I still have some gorgeous boys who carry HST genetics, even if they don't show the pattern. They will throw the spotting genes 50% of time so are an economical way to bring HST spotting genetics into your flock.

Every year, Alice gives me stunning, show quality ram lambs. This year is no exception. This year she (and Bravo ~ black & white, HST) gave me a beautiful, black/blesset: "Bluff Country Dynasty" and a striking grey: "Bluff Country Einstein". Both of these boys are show & breeding quality. Both have outstanding conformation and soft, intermediate fleece. Both carry a recessive gene for moorit and will bring HST spotting genetics (and Alice's cookie-cutter, perfect conformation!) to your flock.

Another gorgeous, black ram lamb is Zest (X Bravo)'s handsome son: Bluff Country Eclipse. He is awesome! A nice sized ram lamb with excellent conformation and thick, soft, intermediate fleece. Carries HST spotting genetics. Eclipse's dam, Zest, is the mom to Apocalypse (Paco) ~ the breath-takingly beautiful, moorit & white ram who graces the cover of my 2007 Calendars.

If you're looking for WHITE ~ or want to really improve the fleece in your flock, while adding HST spotting genetics, you can't go wrong with one of Phoebe's triplets! Mc Dreamy & Mc Steamy are incredibly fine/crimpy fleeced boys and have outstanding conformation. They also carry moorit and/or fawn genetics. Both their sire (Paco) and dam carry the modifier.

Another strikingly beautiful, white ram lamb is Flash Flood's handsome son (by Black Diamond) "Bluff Country Boomerang" (originally called 'Popcorn' ~ I changed his name).

Last but certainly not least, we have:
Rosie's striking black/blesset ram lamb, "Bluff Country American Idol". Idol is wasting no time in catching up to his older cousins. He is growing by leaps and bounds and he is stunning! I am SO pleased with his conformation and his horns are very widely spaced ~ no surprise with Black Diamond as his sire. This could be your show ram!

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