Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Life Goes On...

The morning after losing Diva's ram lamb, Savannah greeted me with two, moorit, ewe lambs. One solid color and one Hst (white krunet cap, tiny white stockings on her hind feet and a white tip to her tail). Mother and daughters are doing well.

This is Savanna's little Hst girl. She's quite friendly already. The solid moorit seems a bit on the shy side ~ at least wouldn't let me get any pictures!

Diva and Dilemma continue to gain strength and confidence. My stupid camera batteries need replacing! I just recharged them (twice!) and they died after taking these three pictures.I talked to the vet who came out on my emergency call and he assured me that Diva would not have been able to deliver the ram lamb without assistance, because of his position. So I was "right" to try to assist. I just need to be absolutely certain as to whether I've got front or rear legs before I try pulling!! And if I can't find a head, I'M CALLING THE VET!! Lesson learned. Dr. Kingsly also assured me that there was no permanent damage done to Diva and that there is no reason why she would have any problems with future lambing. I was so relieved to hear that because I was worried about it.

DREAM says..."This is a THREE GENERATION PHOTO! My sheep mom, "Zodiak", Me with my handsome son, "Dream Weaver" and my little 1/2 sister"Polka Dot" in front. Mom says: Look what those 'solid colored' with a splash of white on the head, HST bred ewes can produce..."


  1. Congratulations on more beautiful lambs -- and I love the three-generation photo. :-) Wish you were closer so I could get a hands-on lamb fix....

  2. Terry8:30 PM

    Dream's 3 generation photo is spectacular! Congrats on more Moorit lambs--it just gets harder and harder to make up my mind...

    I'm glad the vet had reassuring news for you and I guess we all learn don't we? I told one of my friends today I was going to feel little lamb's feet blindfolded over and over again until I could easily tell fronts from backs. It doesn't sound like an easy thing to do in the dark with an ewe in pain late at night. Was his head turned to the side or was he on his back, or what? I'm SO GLAD Diva and Dilemna contine to do well. They are a very pretty pair.


  3. I wish you could come visit too, Michell! I've got a guest room if you ever decide to make the trip...


    Terry ~ the vet said the ram lamb had his head tucked back between his front legs. Sort of along his belly. That's why I couldn't find a head, even when I followed the legs all the way to the body. Poor little guy. Like the vet said: "lambs have very long necks!"

    I'm still waiting on Rosie ~ who shows NO signs of impending delievery. She is definitely pregnant, just in no hurry. Can't say that I blame her. Although, she is driving me CRAZY (I know ~ it's a short trip!). She's bored being in with the two new mom's who won't let her near their babies so she calls to me (quite loudly) all day long. The nice thing is, she comes running for cookies so I don't have to walk far to check on her. I just open the back door, call "Where's my girls?" and she comes running, baaing loudly, right up to the gate. ;-)



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