Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Day After...

We're going to be OK. Thank you for all the kind thoughts and words. Although, I am still reeling from exhaustion, I am emotionally all right. I don't "blame" myself for last night, as in: "I'm a bad person and did something terrible". I know that I did the best that I could. But I did make mistakes and I want to learn from them. To make sure that they NEVER happen again.

Diva and "Dilemma" Affectionately called "Emma"

Tired girls.

Savannah had twin ewe lambs while I was at work this morning. Of course, my
camera batteries just died so I can't take any pictures yet. Something to look forward to.

One weary shepherdess, heading for bed in the Bluff Country...

DREAM says......."Boy! Mom's new medication must REALLY be working!!"

You've got that right, Dreamer.


  1. cute, cute lambs, Nancy,
    Are you down to one to go now?...hope she surprises you with someone beautiful,

  2. Terry7:36 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    You are so strong to get through all that. Wish I could've been there to help but I doubt I would've been much help, other than maybe moral support and helping to hold Diva. I'm sorry you lost the little ram but very thankful Diva and Dilemna are ok. And Savannah and her two pretty babies. Now it's only Rosie, right?

    We had a good trip north and got a lot done. I'm sore from planting trees and painting. It feels like I've been riding horses too much, but without the sore hipbones (my squatting muscles).

    We'll be home this weekend. What are your work hours for the rest of the week? I'm willing to come day or night if it means helping you and Rosie with a lamb or two. Russ is on call so it's likely we'll get awakened by the phone anyway. If it's during the day, call my cell phone--I'll keep it close.




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