Monday, April 16, 2007

But I HAVE to share.....

Zest and her twins. Black ram and ewe lambs! Everyone's healthy and safe.

Zest's black son by Bravo. This guy carries HST spotting genetics from both sides
of his pedigree

Zest and her beautiful, black daughter. Such a refined and delicate ewe lamb!

Zaria's 5 day old (how can that BE?????) twins exploring the rock pile.

Alice (and the rest of the flock) made it through shearing, unscathed.

DREAM says....
..."Mom says I'm more beautiful than ever!"

She truly is!


  1. Ok, just put those little black ones in a box and send them out - How cute they are - you must be getting so excited - every day is like Christmas isn't it. T.

  2. Speaking of Christmas...
    Phoebe greated me with TRIPLETS this morning! Two, big, white ram lambs and a gorgeous little moorit girl (with a splash of white on her head). All three are cleaned up and well fed. I'm worried about the little girl though. Her breathing sounds very raspy. I have to go to work today but will stop at the vet and ask what they recommend, on my way home...

  3. Kelly V2:59 PM

    I vote for Socrates

  4. My goodness, Alice is as big as a HOUSE! Hope Phoebe's little girl is okay.



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