Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Break in the Action...

No new lambs today (which I admit is a welcome relief!) so I thought I give you an update on the ewe lambs, so far....

It's past my bedtime, so I'm going to make this quick but here are the first 8 ewe lambs of 2007:

Bluff Country Zaria started us out with an HST ram lamb and this little HsT doll: "Bluff Country Crown Jewel"

For some reason, I have taken to naming all of Bluff Country Zest's daughters "Bella" something or other. This year is no exception. Meet "Bella Luna". She is beautiful ~ delicate and feminine, like her dam. And sired by Windswept Bravo, so carries HST spotting genetics on both sides of her pedigree. Bella already comes running up to me for scratches!

Next, beautiful Lostlake Farm Phoebe presented me with triplets, including this little beauty: "Bluff Country Tiara" What a little show off! She bosses her brothers around and is the leader of the lamb races. An exquisite, moorit, krunet, Tiara is one of the very best moorit Shetlands we have produced. I wish I could keep her...

The next little angel to grace our pasture was "Bluff Country Fantasy", Dream's black & white flecket daughter. Her twin brother is an HST. Fantasy (sometimes I call her 'Fanny', for short) is the friendliest of all the lambs and literally comes running when I enter the barn or pasture.

Zodiak blessed me with twin ewe lambs AGAIN this year. First we have "Bluff Country Gemini" Gemini is black, with a splash of white on her head and a small, krunet cap (indicating she carries spotting genetics).

Gemini's twin sister "Bluff Country Polka Dot" (black & white HST)) is a knock out! She is the first of the 2007 lambs to be spoken for.
This is another picture of 'Dot'. It shows you why she got her name. ;-)

Flash Flood also showed me that she carries the gene for Moorit! This is her beautiful daughter, sired by Bravo, "Bluff Country Godiva". Another exquisite moorit with incredible fleece!

With her latest set of triplets, sired by Bravo, Alice gave me the beautiful, black ewe lamb that I have wished for from her since the first year I owned her. Meet "Bluff Country Destiny" (black with a splash of white on her head). Many of Destiny's solid colored siblings have gone on to produce HST Shetlands and I'm confident that she will too.

DREAM says...."Imagine that! Who would have thought that MY little girl would be the friendliest lamb?

I think she's the prettiest too!"


  1. Nancy - your lambs are gorgeous!

    We haven't heard much about the status of your rams...did all three find homes? And what will you do for sires this year? Do you/will you consider AI? How about as an AI donor?

    (It's something I probably will have to pursue to grow my flock, and I'm asking lots of questions now...)

  2. What a bunch of beauties!

    Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  3. Mom - they are SOOOO PRETTY - what a beautiful bunch of girls. Great job!
    I love you! :o)

  4. Nancy, it's so good to have you posting regularly again! Guess you just needed a good dose of "lamb." :-)

  5. What a cute line-up!

  6. I love Polka Dot! What unusual markings! You must enter her in the contest this year! (Are we having one?) :)



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