Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is what greeted me when I got home from work this afternoon...

Last year, Zodiak gave me twin, HST ewe lambs. We're off to a good start again. This little beauty is a GIRL!

After a few minutes of mother-daughter bonding, Zodiak got back down to business...

"Is this a new game, Mom?"

"My Mom's working awfully hard! Here's a kiss..."

Between contractions, Zodiak grabbed a snack!

Back to work...

Still taking care of number one!


My girls are getting TIRED!

One last, supreme effort....
I don't know what's going on. Blogger won't let me upload the next picture. Oh well, I'm TIRED. And Don's home ~ bitching about me being on the computer ~ I'll finish this post ~ tomorrow...

DREAM says....
..."That's MEAN Mom!"


  1. Blogger must have the photo phlu! Tonight it said my photos loaded, but they won't show up on my blog. Most of yours aren't showing up either -- and the suspense is killing me! But the close-up of Zodiak's head around her lamb and the two of her in labor that DID load are GREAT! You must have had a front row seat; how neat is that? And I LOVE that lamblet's head markings!

    And I hate to ask; probably shouldn't ask; but what is Don doing there??? Do you want to give an update on the "home" front? If not, that's fine; I was just hoping he was gone so you could adjust and move on. After all he's put you through, I would think his presence would be onerous....

  2. Don comes home during his four days off work. I think he misses having someone to boss around and bitch at.

    I'll finish this post now. When I logged on this morning, I can see all the photos. Anyone else having trouble?

  3. beautiful lamb Nancy! Now I'm in limbo waiting for the other photos of the second lamb!! ALl photos coming through great!

  4. Nancy-

    All the photos came in great - but am anxiously waiting the rest of the birth story!

    P.S. Don's probably bitchin' about the computer because it's one place you get support and friendship and he can't take that away. (Y'know - misery loves company?)

  5. new post is up.

    I love you guys!

  6. Hooray for Zodiak! Hooray for great photos! Hooray for Nancy! Glowery eyes towards don (lower case intended).

  7. My blogger was giving me troubles too, but seems to be back in business too! Soooo nice to have our Nancy back!



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