Saturday, April 21, 2007

busy, Busy, BUSY...

FLASH FLOOD presented me with these beautiful twins (by Paco) this morning. What a nice way to start the day!!

This is Flash's handsome, white ram lamb. He looks just like his momma did as a lamb!

He's sticking pretty close to mom this morning. He really does have two ears....

This little doll is "Bluff Country Godiva" (as in the chocolate).

Oh! How I wish I could keep another ewe lamb....

Moorit, with Flash & Phoebe's exquite, crimpy fleece! I think Godiva and Tiara (Phoebe's lamb) are the nicest moorit lambs we've ever had! (and we've had some mighty fine moorit lambs!

After 3 years with no white lambs, I'm thrilled that Phoebe and Flash gave me THREE this year. Of course, it WOULD have been nice to have a girl! I'll just be grateful and count my blessings that everyone is healthy!


I'm going to try to post an "ALICE WATCH" quick...
BEFORE she has her lambs! Yup, I'm pretty sure she's in early labor.

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