Friday, April 20, 2007


Some of the members of my beloved "Blog Family" have taken to referring to Dream and her twins as "The Dream Team". I LOVE IT!!!

This is Dream's beautiful, flecket daughter. I'm leaning towards naming her "Bluff Country Fantasy". What do you think? Isn't she beautiful? She is flecket ~ as opposed to HST because her white extends onto her main body. Still flashy and gorgeous and I love her!

This is an awful picture, but my camera batteries died, after I took it so it's the only one I've got for now. The batteries are in the recharger and hopefully, I'll get some new pictures this afternoon/evening. In the meantime, this fellow is Dream's HsT son. I could use some help with naming him.... I've thought about "Day Dreamer". Don suggested "Nightmare". Should we have a name that lamb contest???


  1. Well, that's touching that Don wanted a lamb named after him.... about a little contest - that could be fun!

    The Dream Team is fabulous...but you haven't introduced that member on the top of the hay pile!

  2. Sure I have! That's "Daisy". You can see her baby pictures here

    I thought of one possible name for Dream's son: "Dream Weaver". I could call him Dreamer or "Weaver" to avoid confusing him with his mom...

  3. I like Dream Weaver - How about Dream Catcher? Or Dream Hatcher - call him Hatch...

    Congrats on your very CUTE babies! XOX T.

  4. Hmm, I was just thumbing through the thesaurus looking for good words that go with dream when I came across specter. How about Bluff Country Specter or Dream's Specter? With his beautiful dark fleece and dark mask, he could be a bit of a dark, ghostly apparition? I thought of Zorro with the mask, but that name's already taken :o) But if not Zorro, maybe the Lone Ranger?

    Big hugs to Dream and congrats to you Nancy! Kristina

  5. If you had another girl she could be Dream Dancer. But Dancer isn't a guys name unless he's a reindeer. :)

    What a nice family!

  6. How about Bluff Country Vision, or Night Vision (Viz for short)?

  7. How about Bluff Country Reverie or Mirage? A Reverie is also a type of dream (maybe more of a day dream). I'll keep thinking. Such nice markings on them.

  8. This name business is fun...I like everybody's suggestions so I know it's hard for you to decide! :)

    Yup...those are Skit's AZ babies! (Skit seems to be turning more "iset" looking as he's getting more and more white frosting in his fleece) It will really be interesting when Amanda's brood gets here as she does carry Ag and has the most beautiful musket daughter.

    Well, all this genetics is a dice-toss isn't it? :) We can plan, then Mother Nature takes over.

    How many more ewes are lambing? And WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH AICE?????

  9. Kelly1:21 PM

    How about Bluff Country Ghost or Bluff Country Sandman?



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