Thursday, November 09, 2006

HEALTHY Kittens...

It's about time!

I finally took the kittens to the vet. Lily was coming around, pretty well, from her cold but Daisy was really miserable and was starting to lose her appetite. So $108.00 later, they've both been treated and are on medication and are SO MUCH FUN! They run and play and purr....I'd forgotten what it was like to have HEALTHY kittens in the house. That was, definitely, one hundred dollars well spent!

Both girls were treated for an 'upper respiratory infection' and are now on twice daily amoxicillin. I'm getting pretty handy with that little pipette...

I feel guilty for having taken so long to take them to the vet. I thought they'd shake the bug on their own. But when Daisy didn't seem to be getting better and started losing her appetite, it was time to go.

Both girls also had EAR MITES. A disgusting bunch of critters that look like tiny wood ticks, crawling around in their ears ~ the vet was kind enough to let me view them, under a microscope. No wonder Daisy lost her appetite!!! Both girls were treated for the mites (and wormed) and I brought home treatment for Mimi as well...
So much for "free cats"!!! (and they STILL need vaccinations and spaying!) Don't worry ~ they're worth every cent.

Dream says.....
..."Take Time to Smell the Leaves (isn't that supposed to be 'the Roses??) Don't forget about ME, Mom! I'm waiting for you!"

As I finished writing this post, my doorbell rang. It was a sheriff's deputy, here to serve me divorce papers. I guess Don's in a hurry.

I'm going to go out and sit with my sheep for a little while. Then I want to get the barn cleaned and make room for more hay. I'll take a shower and try to meet with an attorney this afternoon.


  1. He's probably in a hurry because he doesn't want you to have time to prepare. Take your time, talk to, aw hell, LOTS of lawyers. Get your options. Make him wait :)

  2. thanks sweetie ~ but now I HAVE to respond within 30 days or he gets what he wants by default!

  3. Stand your ground Nancy so you get what YOU want!

    The kitties look like they are so much fun! Nothing like a purring bundle of fur to ease your mind.

    Thinking of you - Hugs, T.

  4. Nancy J1:08 PM

    It would be so much better for the settlement if you had something in writing from when you got married (like a prenup) that you'd never divorce each other. But, in the meantime, I sincerely hope you have some closeby friends and family who can help your situation. I would if I were closer than 1000 miles away!

  5. It is definitely time to get an attorney, Nancy - or you risk everything you've worked so hard to achieve. Remember the mantra: me first, me second and f--k everyone else. You HAVE to put yourself first in this!
    I'm glad the kitties are on the mend. You're right...there is no such thing as a free animal. :)
    Many hugs....

  6. Hey Nancy - Got the calendar yesterday - John's b-day is next week and I just couldn't wait 'til Christmas to give it to him - actually I couldn't even wait for next week and gave it to him yesterday - He LOVED it - :-) T.



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