Sunday, November 19, 2006


Have you ever seen the T.V. show: "Touched By an Angel?" That's how I feel about today. I feel like my life was "touched by an angel". Two of them, actually.
That's Corrine, in the back of her truck with Rocky, Nestle and Cowboy. Doesn't she look like an angel? Corrine and her sister, Marie, came to pick up Rocky ~ who is destined to be Corrine's flock sire. Technically, Marie came along to meet Dream. How cool is that???

These sisters are two of the nicest people I've ever met. I am so lucky to find such incredible new homes for the sheep I sell! Corrine & Marie and I chatted like old friends. I can't believe how I opened up to them. By the end of the day, it was official....I am now, officially, one of their sisters! ;-) I love these girls !

Poor Cowboy was so distraught when he heard that Corrine had decided to take Nestle, as well as Rocky, that he ran away! My new sisters and I were visiting in the house when my doorbell rang. It was some man, stopping to tell me that there was a black sheep trotting down the road! We grabbed the animal crackers and a halter and jumped into my Jeep. Cowboy was circling the pasture, trying to figure out how to get back IN. He came trotting right up to Corrine as soon as she called him.

As I drove back up the driveway in my Jeep, Marie and Corrine walked the wayward Rhinestone Cowboy back home...Somehow, he ended up in the back of their truck! ;-)

What a wonderful day. We sat out in the pasture with the girls for hours (?). Long enough for my face to get sunburned anyway!

After a wonderful afternoon (topped off by fresh from the oven, still warm, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, it was time for my two new sisters to head for home. They wanted to get back before dark and had about a 4 hour drive ahead of them.

I just have to say: I have met THE nicest, most caring, compassionate, kindest, most empathetic, wonderfully fantastic friends through my Shetland sheep. Many thanks to ALL of you! I am truly blessed...

P.S. After Corrine and Marie left, I put my breeding groups together. ALL BY MYSELF!! Everything went very smoothly, but I am feeling very guilty. Dream hasn't been WEANED yet!!! She's never been kept away from her mother before. She keeps calling and calling for Zodiak. I am a BAD shepherd...

Dream says...
......"I'm not too happy with Mom, right now. That Diamond is OK as long as he stays over THERE and leaves me and Rosie alone!"
I'm completey exhausted, but SMILING now. I think I'll put my weary body and sunburned face to bed early tonight. Feeling HAPPY.... (except for poor Dream!)


  1. Way to go Nancy! I know that was a lot of work to do all by your self. We put 3 of our groups together today too, 16 ewes with 3 rams in 3 different pens. I'm exhausted and I had help!

    The rest of our groups (4) will go together Dec 10th after these 3 are done. I couldn't face having to lamb out 30+ ewes at the same time....

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on selling three boys! My latest post is also about a wonderful person I've "met" through Shetlands (there are many, including you!). I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving; will you be with your girls?

  3. Nancy Larsen2:53 PM

    Nancy, glad to see you met Corrine and Marie, they are such nice ladies. She has my Trillium (brown and white flecket) and Lovey (black). So I'm sure with one of your rams they will have many more spotted lambs in spring.
    Nice to see you have the xmas spirit already. Those kittys will have a ball.
    Nancy L.

  4. Wow, you put the breeding groups together after a day like that? I was amazed that you got the apple crisp made!
    Like you, I hadn't weaned some of my ewe lambs either. I didn't realize it until after I put them in the breeding pen, away from their moms. It was noisy night, but they are all settled in now.



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