Tuesday, November 07, 2006


They may be an *ACQUIRED* taste!

As you can see, Rosie and Dream don't seem all that impressed. But they'll learn.

Flash's enthusiasm is typical of how all my adult ewes love pumpkins.
It won't be long 'till Rosie and Dream are just as enthusiastic.

Although, Rosie doesn't seem too interested at first...

Until DIVA volunteers to demonstrate "proper pumpkin eating etiquette"!

Dream prefers her pumpkin "hand fed". ;-)

Because I read that pumpkins are a natural de-wormer, I feed them to the boys too. Diamond didn't waste any time checking them out...he LOVES them!

"Bluff Country Black Diamond" will be for sale, at the end of December. I will breed him to Dream and Rosie for 2007 lambs. If I don't sell Diamond this year, I'll sell him next year, as a yearling. He is the black/krunet son of Bravo (black & white, HST) and Flash Flood (black with 'big white spot' ~ awesome fleece!) His price will be $500.00. Diamond was the first place ram lamb and Reserve Champion Ram at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in August, 2006.
Dream says....

...."That Diamond is looking MIGHTY good! ...Chomp, chomp, chomp..."


  1. Terry8:04 PM

    Hi Nancy!

    Black Diamond, Rosie, and Dream are SUCH a good looking "Menage' a trois"!

    My, but they have grown since I last saw them, and their fleece is so long, esp. Rosie's!!!

    Have fun with the flushing. I bet they are...

    I have heard of people using cooked, canned pumpkin (like the puree used to make pies) to keep worms down in cats as well. Some cats love pumpkin--mine don't seem very wild about it, but it's supposed to help when they have stomach problems, esp. diarhea.

    I forgot to give you the kitties' vitamin C yesterday. Natch--I had it there, all ready to go. Glad one's improving but sorry the other is now sick...

    Many thanks for the very sweet gift you gave me yesterday (that you didn't have to). It reminds me of you and your sheep and I smile everytime I see it :-)

    Stop after work this weekend if your schedule allows it--we'll be HOME...


  2. It seems the pumpkins must be an acquired taste alright...all the sheep looked at me as if I had "lobsters coming out of my ears" when I first put them down on the gound. BUT, they saw Skit in his pens going nuts over the ones I gave him and soon were testing them out. The chickens cleaned up what they left behind! :)

  3. My sheep LOVE pumpkins but they always are quite reserved about trying it for the first time. The older ones are quite unladylike about it once they get a taste for them - barging into each other and all but fighting over them!

  4. Wow, I didn't realize Rosie had such a long fleece! I might have to try and get on the waiting list for a lamb out of her!

  5. Does it matter what kind of pumpkins you get? I've read that "Jack O Lantern" pumpkins aren't good for cooking and baking, but perhaps they are good for sheep?



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