Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look what Phoebe & Paco gave me....

This is what I found when I went out to check on Phoebe at five o'clock this morning!

Two, white, ram lambs...

and an exquisite dark moorit, ewe lamb with a splash of white on her head.
All three lambs have Phoebe's super fine, crimpy fleece!

I've already put Phoebe and her triplets into the nursery paddock with Zaria & Zest and their babies. Introductions went quite well. ;-)

I think Zodiak will go next.

DREAM says......."It sure feels good to have all that long, hot fleece off!"


  1. Boy, your girls are keeping you hopping! You don't see too many Shetlands having triplets do you? They are beautiful! T.

  2. What beautiful babies! Isn't this the first year in a while that Phoebe hasn't been bred to Skittles?
    If you get tired of waiting for lambs there, you can always come to AZ and wait for lambs. :)

    Many hugs to you....

  3. Congratulations Nancy on Pheobe's triplets! Those boys look so cute too, I don't see horn buds in the photo. Things are sure going well with your lambing so far.

  4. Way to go Nancy!
    I'm so glad you are having such beautiful lambs...and triplets too!
    Nice to see such nice photos,

  5. Those trips sure have long legs -- and don't look much smaller than Zest's twins! Congratulations!

  6. Wow! Triplets from Phoebe too! I wonder if Alice will also have triplets! Congrats, they are beautiful!



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