Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ready or NOT......

I am SO not ready for lambing. I am not functioning well at all. That's why you haven't seen me posting or on the Shetland lists. I'm hiding. I want to stay in bed, under the covers and not have to deal with anything. I'm sorry for being such a baby. I feel paralyzed. I huge thank you to all of you who have been so patient and supportive of me over these past few months. One of these days maybe my medication will kick in.

In the meantime...

Apparently, Zaria ("Bluff Country Zaria" a Shaela, HsT ewe with the most exquisite fleece I could hope for) IS ready. Fortunately, I made myself go out and check on the girls this morning. I didn't want to. I'm "not ready" for lambs. As soon as I opened the barn door, I heard the baaing of newborn babies. It's a good thing I checked when I did. Phoebe had already stolen Zaria's little Hst ewe lamb! I was able to wrestle Phoebe out of the barn and put together a nice big jug for Zaria and her twins (by Bravo). Zaria readily accepted her daughter back. thank you Lord, Thank You Lord, THANK YOU LORD!!

This is handsome fellow weighed in at 6 pounds, 6 ounces. He's got near perfect yuglet markings.

Zaria's little ewe lamb (5 pounds 12 ounces) looks just like her mom! She felt a little cold, when I found her with Phoebe so I gave her a squirt of Nutri Drench and she seems to be doing great. I sat with them until I'd seen her nurse and potty, so we should be OK. I'll try (really HARD) to update the blog with pictures over the next few days and weeks...

Dear God, PLEASE watch over my flock! I'm going to bed.


  1. Yeah! You did it! Congratulations on you beautiful new babies! I'm proud of you!

  2. Nancy-

    So glad to "hear" from you. And what nice babies to start things off!

    We are all pulling for you.

    How's Dream?

  3. We're all here to support you in any way we can, Nancy! And it IS a very nice way to say "Hello" - by sharing your new babies with us!

    We all knew (and know) you can do it! :)

    Many, many hugs....

  4. I don't know if blogger will let me usually won't let me sign in in the comments box.

    If it does, I want to say THANK YOU! You gals are the best. Zaria and her twins are doing great. The little boy is a goregous HsT with two, high white hind socks and two little ones in front. The ewe lamb is a smirslet Hst. Two white hinds and a white tip on her tail. Very nice babies!

    I'm feeling a LITTLE bit better. I stayed home from work today and go out and check on the sheep every-so-often. I wish that I could describe how I feel ~ kind of "agitated". Like I want to run back into the house and under the covers. Knitting helps some. I got another jug set up and have a heat lamp in the barn for the babies so I'm feeling a little more prepared. Anybody want to come stay at my place until lambing is over????????

  5. If I were closer, I'd be glad to help out...but, too...I think it's good for you to get outside and in the fresh air, Dear Friend. I know, Nancy...that with each day, you'll do little things that will add up: like visiting the sheep more often, or walking around the garden to see the plants, or play with the kittens a bit more each day. It may be slow in coming, but with a few baby steps here and there (and the correction of those chemicals) you'll make progress.
    And you know that you can call any of us to talk at any time. It's just your turn to lean on us for whatever support you need.

  6. Nancy! They're gorgeous! Congratulations! I know this year has been hard, but these little gifts will perk you up a bit! Surely, God will be with you during lambing! I wish you the best, stephen

  7. Thanks Stephen ~ I know you've been to hell and back're in my prayers still.

    I'll get new pictures of Zaria's twins today ~ they're wonderful! It's supposed to be nice, and I'm off work, so I'll let them into the paddock for wome sunshine and exercise this afternoon. I would be happy if we just go at an "every-other-day" pace. That gives me time to cope and adjust things and get ready for the next batch. I figured Zest was the first one due, with Pheobe close behind. So much for my record keeping..... ;-)

  8. Beautiful lambs -- and I'd LOVE to come stay at your house for lambing! Too many shackles -- mostly beloved ones -- holding me here, though. I do remember that "pull the covers over my head and sleep until the pain goes away" feeling very clearly. Sure wish I could offer you a magic pill!

  9. OMG! Nancy...beautiful lambs as usual. When I first looked at that picture, I thought it was Dream who had lambed! I am anxiously waiting to see the first lamb from the famous BluffCountry Dream. Those twins are so cute, what a great start to lambing season!
    p.s. I'm so happy to see you back...we all missed you. Hope to see you again at Shepherds Harvest.



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