Friday, April 13, 2007

First Time Outside...

Zaria brought her beautiful babies out into the sunshine today. This is her little girl ~ a Smirslet, Hst. She has two white hind feet and a white tip to her tail with a yuglet patch by one eye and an extended patch on the left side of her face.

Zaria's son is a Yuglet, HsT. He has two, high white hind stockings and small anklets on his front feet and a white tail. Neither lamb has any body white!

Rosie, Dream and Zest (who I think will be next to lamb ~ tonight!) are anxious to meet the little ewe lamb. I suspect Zest is in early labor and will check on her during the night. I have to WORK tomorrow!!! :-(
Dream says....

..."I want one of those!!!!"

Soon enough, my little Dreamer. Soon enough...


  1. Dream looks like a tick about to pop! :-)

  2. I love the new blog skin!

    And the lamb pictures are, well...
    LAMB PICTURES! Who doesn't love lamb pictures?

  3. Sweet Dream! She looks just huge! And your first little lambs look just wonderful. I so appreciate that you post all these lovely pictures to share with us. They bring me so much joy!

    Kristina in Knoxville

  4. Pretty Darn Cute! Glad to see you out and about - XOX T.

  5. Stunning lambs, Nancy! And I love the soft, neutrals colors of the new blog. So calming and easy on the eyes.
    Keeping an eye on the annual Alice watch, 2007 wouldn't be the same without it! lol!

  6. I really liked the old black blog, but it's also nice to see a fresh, new look. Seems fitting for spring! Dream has become quite the "wide load." No problem seeing that she is expecting, even in full fleece!



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