Saturday, April 28, 2007


Things were pretty quiet in the Bluff Country yesterday.

I had the day off work and it was beautiful out so I spent the day mowing the lawn, sitting with my sheep and skirting fleeces. Daisy, the kitten, is trying to make friends with the lambs (the momma sheep try to KILL her!).

Socrates doesn't seem to think she's so bad.

My problem today is: I'm quite sure that Diva is in early labor. I'm supposed to WORK. *I HATE WORK ~ IT'S SUCH AN INTRUSION ON MY LIFE!!!! * The dilemma is ~ Diva could take all day and deliver these babies sometime this afternoon or evening. She's not in active labor yet (no pawing or straining). But she IS in early labor. I know my sheep and I know when things are happening! So, do I stay home from work and keep an eye on things, just in case she needs a helping hand? Or do I pretend to be a responsible, grownup, employee and go to my job, where I am scheduled to work until 3:00 o'clock this afternoon? I could hope she waits until I get home to deliver. I could come home to two beautiful, moorit and white, HST lambs, all clean and fed. Of course, I would be a frantic, nut-case, worried, mid-wife/grandma the entire day at work. I'm thinking I would be MUCH more productive at home. I'll clean house this morning (while looking out the window, frequently, to check Diva. Maybe even skirt some more fleeces ~ it's supposed to be a beautiful day!


Dream says......."Did you hear that, Fantasy??? Mom's going to stay home and play with US today!"


  1. But where's the other cat? :)

  2. ...where ever she WANTS to be!!!


  3. Ohhh, Hookie! I love it. Thanks for saying it out loud. My coworkers all know this time of year, I might be home "lambing" at any time. Hope it was a GREAT day.
    - Franna

  4. I'm so glad you stayed home. And I bet the girls were glad, too.

    I encourage bad habits, but hey - I need to validate my own behavior (*grin*)

  5. have I mentioned that I HATE LAMBING????

    Diva has still not had her babies. She passed the mucus plug a couple of hours ago. I hate that I watch my sheep so closely that I know they are in labor, VERY early in their labor. It's been a LONG day (for ME!) I keep thinking I should "go in" and check to be sure everything is OK. But Diva does not seem to be distressed. Uncomfortable, but not distressed. She has not passed a water bag and is not straining real hard or too frequently. I don't want to interfere if it isn't absolutely necessary. I think I'm going to go to BED. I'll set my alarm (yes, Mary Ellen ~ you read right) for 10:00 and check on her then.

    Happy Dreams of healthy, happy ewes & lambs...

  6. Oh Nancy! That Fantasy is just darling! The photo looks like she is going to have quite the fleece on her.



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