Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Just Thinkin'.....

Is it possible that I'm the ONLY one questioning the wisdom of keeping the new leader of the free world up until 3 o'clock in the morning on the day/night of his inauguration ~ I can't imagine that he slept a wink the night before! ~ and then expecting him to actually conduct business beginning the next morning???

Could YOU do that???

DREAM says....

..."Trust me ~ you would NOT want to be around Mom under those conditions..."

That's Right, Dreamer!



  1. I did not envy them having to make all those appearances, though I did really enjoy seeing our new President and first lady dance. I feel really good about the new family in the White House. I can't imagine how exhausting yesterday was for them, I see your point!


    PS I love this picture of Dreamer, beautiful!

  2. you're right, I guess the adrenaline is flowing. I wouldn't have the stamia for all that campaigning.

  3. If I were Michelle, I'd want to get my mileage out of that beautiful dress! I'd want to keep wearing it as long as I could, and to heck with what time of night it was! LOL! I just have fun dressing up sometimes.

  4. Don't get me wrong! I'm all for the partying and dancing all's just the getting up the next morning and having to go to work that I think is insane!


  5. "it's just the getting up the next morning and having to go to work that I think is insane!"
    I bet they never went to sleep last night. So wa-la he's ready for work this morning. I never could believe a person could have made it threw the campaign last year! People age like dog years when they become pesidents of countrys!

  6. I agree, I would not feel up to it, but I'm sure his adrenaline is pumping full time! :) He'll probably sleep real good....some night 6 months or later from now!! He has the hope of the country riding on his shoulders.

  7. terry6:38 PM

    Yes, I was hoping they'd get a break on Wed. I was worried, too, esp. when he didn't wear a hat all day in that cold weather...I feel quite protective...

  8. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Ha, I thought the same thing! Seems like he should have had one day 'off' to just get his bearings and take a little nap, but I guess that wouldn't be 'presidential'.
    I can feel tired just thinking about having to function on 4 hours sleep.



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