Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New 4 - H...

I stayed home from work today. I simply had to be here to watch HISTORY in the making. I am so totally full of hope and inspiration that we are taking the first step on the path to a better world. I actually stood up and put my hand on my heart (standing alone in my living room!) and sang the "Star Spangled Banner". I bowed my head and prayed along with millions of others as we welcomed a new family into the White House. Lord, please keep them safe!

I can't remember I time when I have been more full of HOPE My heart goes out to this brave man who has taken the weight of the world on his shoulders...

I truly believe that today represents the first step in restoring HONOR to The United States of America! I am, more than ever, truly "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN"!

I was absolutely blown away by the Benediction given at the Inauguration. I apologize for not remembering the name of the minister who gave it. It was deeply, deeply touching. And FUNNY! I hope it gets replayed often. Between that wonderful pastor and the adorable Obama girls, I look forward to much HUMOR in the Obama white house.

I am not so naive as to think that things are going to magically get better. But I feel absolutely certain that we have, in President Obama, the man who can lead us to a better world for everyone!

~ 4-H ~


May God continue to bless America ~ as I believe he has with this wonderful, new leader....


  1. Well said, as always, Nancy! I think there were lots of us watching this historic event. Maybe more than.............(dare I say it?) the Super Bowl?

  2. I was standing there singing and praying with you!

  3. Great post! This country has a tough road ahead of it no doubt but I think we did take a good step in the right direction today.

  4. Wow, this little piece of history has certainly brought out the patriotism in the citizens of the US! Even my friend Brian is admitting to being American again... although the accent was always a give-away! I truly hope that Obama can bear the pressure and live up to expectations. xx

  5. Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so we can all fly.

    don't know the author, but isn't that nice?

  6. Great post Nancy. I thought his speech was very inspiring. I hope we can retain this spirit of collective good will.

  7. Thanks, Sharrie! I'm emailing you privately...

    Crazysheeplady, it brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose bumps thinking of you also standing, in your home, and singing & praying! I think that's what makes me so hopeful ~ the idea that this man could really help unite ALL the people...

    Shiloh Prairie Farm, lets hope we can all keep moving in the right direction...

    Jenny, I think that many (MOST??) Americans were quite concerned with the direction our country had taken in the past few years. It's nice to feel like we're gonna be "THE GOOD GUYS" again...

    Joanna, that is an awesome quote! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

    Becky, I'm with you. President Obama is going to need all of us to stay involved and motivated to help. We're all in this together...

    I thought of 3 more "H"s


  8. I feel good too. And living off the land gives me even more hope!

  9. Well, I am HESITANT about the new leadership but hoping that God's hand of mercy will be with us in the coming days. On a lighter note, I have the same lamp as you do-it sits next to my tv, too!

  10. Oh Nancy, I am so there with you! Even though I'm Canadian, and only moved to Iowa 6.5 years ago, I am proud to be here now, in this historic time, and I am full of hope and joy. I was hoping my goat would kid today, so I could name the kid(s) in honor of the day. I may still do that, using some of your "H" words.

  11. I was praying and crying right along with you Nancy! I love all the "H" words!



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